5 Office Kitchen Etiquette Guidelines

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1. The kitchen is not the place to gossip
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It might put your career at risk if your boss or other curious ears within range overhear your story of how you just took a two-hour nap in the toilet cubicle. Also, refrain from commenting on the dietary habits of other colleagues. It’s none of your business whether the boss’s secretary nibbles dehydrated kale. Keep your opinions of others’ and their consumption habits to yourself.

The office kitchen may sometimes look like a lawless and chaotic jungle littered with moldy, rotten apples, empty Starbucks cups, spilled Canderel sugar, and a bunch of half-empty Coke bottles from the previous day’s office party. On top of this, a colleague from your department realizes that his yogurt has gone missing. Not to mention that your manager is going mad and tells everyone off because there has been a dozen dishes in the sink for almost a week.

Coexisting in a workplace kitchen harmoniously calls for a communal mentality and diplomacy; considering the hygiene of every single colleague you are sharing the kitchen with.  

Obeying basic office kitchen rules says a lot about who you are and what attributes make you a discerning employee. Have a close look at these office kitchen etiquette rules to help you create a personalised cleaning plan for your workplace …




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