5 Signs You Are Going To Be Fired

Jobs do not last forever. Sometimes the employer lets you go either for personal or professional reasons. If you start having trouble in the workplace individually or as an organization, your time at the company may be coming to an end. Knowing the signs in advance will help you prepare psychologically and start taking steps towards securing another job or planning your next career move. Some signs are quite obvious while others may take time to notice.

#1 Lack of Information

If you feel out of the loop in the office, it may be a sign that they are about to let you go. The information may include something as crucial as the company’s growth statistics or something unrelated to work such as your boss’ upcoming wedding. Your colleagues may start to isolate you or omit you from important communication regarding the company. It is especially risky if your bosses or fellow managers start excluding you from conversations on company matters.

#2 Responsibility Reduction

If you find yourself without responsibilities or working on tasks that would normally go to your juniors, you should start evaluating your position in the company. Your bosses may pass you over on projects you know you can handle or assign your responsibilities to someone else. Sometimes they may do these to annoy you and force you to resign especially if they do not have plausible cause to fire you.

#3 Changes in Management

Management changes in companies often affect employees and in some cases lead to job loss. If the new management does not consult you or starts hiring new staff without communicating the need for new talent, your job is at risk. Sometimes they may fire you in an effort to reduce operational costs or to create new positions in line with their vision for the company.

#4 Mistakes

Mistakes in the workplace always put your job at risk. If you make a costly mistake that dents the company financially or taints its image amongst investors or publicly, your bosses have plausible cause to fire you. Often, employers will forgive mistakes. They may also punish you by reducing your responsibilities or withholding privileges such as an annual bonus. However, there are mistakes that lead to immediate termination, for example, fraud or sharing confidential information with competitors. Sometimes, you may make a mistake as a team, and the company chooses one person to take the fault. If you make a mistake, own up and plan on ways you can help reduce or control the risk it poses to the company to try secure your job.

#5 Compulsory Vacation

Sometimes companies force their employees to go on holidays when making changes that may require them to let go of some individuals. Mandatory vacations also give them an opportunity to investigate you and prepare a case especially if they suspect you have dealings that may compromise the company. Anytime your boss asks you to take a vacation, assess the situation critically as it could mean the end for you in the company.

If you notice any of these signs, speak to your boss and get the truth. Alternatively, start planning your exit by looking for a job elsewhere. Prepare yourself just in case to avoid suffering the effects of losing your job.


Image: iStock