5 Things Highly Successful People Do Every Monday

Monday. Everybody seems to hate Monday just because it’s the first day of the week and they are forced to get up early to go to work after having enjoyed a totally lazy weekend. But what better way to start your week than by feeling energised and ready to make a difference? Since Mondays are a recurring thing and there’s nothing you can do to avoid them, you should try to make the most of the day. Instead of beginning your week feeling depressed and miserable, you should embrace it and find some ways to be awesome!

At least that is what successful people do. They love Mondays as they see it as a fresh start, a chance to do something better the upcoming week and to become better themselves.

So, here’s what highly successful people do every Monday to stay on top of their game:

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1. Bring on the good mood

Since it’s easy to be in a bad mood on a Monday, it is important to remind yourself that you should be happy any given day. Just like successful professionals do, be grateful and try to remind yourself to be happy with what you have now and what you have achieved. Instead of looking for motivation to start your week, be the one who motivates and inspires others to make a new start. Work on those things you weren’t able to during the previous week, fix any mistakes, and focus on the important things you need to complete. Think positive and something great will definitely happen in the days to come.

2. Check their emails

Every successful individual knows that their email inbox will be filled with messages that require urgent response after the weekend. Checking their emails is the first thing they do on a Monday morning as this helps them stay on track of their career. If they don’t do it, they know they are risking missing important messages from clients and other partners that can have other serious consequences on their job performance. The earlier they do it, the better for them, as it will also allow them to be more productive throughout the rest of week.

3. Set up priorities

Successful people make sure that they plan their week ahead. They spend some time on the day to plan five to six priorities for the upcoming week and they schedule them appropriately. This is an important aspect of time management that’s highly effective and efficient. It reminds them about what needs to be done during the week and allows them to make some time for the important events in the week so that they can also fit other social responsibilities around them.

4. Work out in the morning

You might say exercise is a cliché as it’s something that everybody should be doing in order to stay fit and healthy. While that’s true, only the most successful people get up on Monday morning to actually do some exercise. The truth is exercise is vital as it helps you set the tone for the day and the rest of the week. Also, it produces endorphins which can make you feel a lot better when you are faced with the reality of Monday. So, if you want to retain your productivity levels high through the week, get yourself in an early morning workout routine starting from today.

5. Prepare for the challenges

Highly successful professionals know that Monday is the most suitable day to organise their work. Not only that but since it’s the first day of the week, Monday helps them prepare on how to face the challenges of the week. They make sure they put the difficult tasks first and plan on finishing them early in the week so that they don’t have to be thinking about it for the days to come. They prefer to get on with it so that they avoid the dread and anxiety caused by not doing their work efficiently.

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Even though you may not be a Monday person, it doesn’t mean that you need to be miserable on every first day of the week. Above all, you should learn how to be grateful for each day you are given and start your week with enthusiasm to do what you really love doing and be part of a bigger change. Sooner or later, you will start loving Mondays just like you love your weekends!

So, how about you? Do you love Mondays? Do you know how to make the most out of the day? Let us know in the comments section below…




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