8 Fun Ways to Eat More Fruit

We know that we have to eat fruit, but it can be hard to fit it into our daily schedule, especially if we don’t exactly love it. And there’s only so many apples and bananas that you can take to the office for an afternoon snack. But it’s important to eat fruit, because it contains fiber which makes us feel satisfied, and Vitamin C which ensures our trips to the dentist go as smoothly as possible. But eating fruit doesn’t have to be boring. Here are eight ideas to eat fruit in interesting, creative ways so you look forward to getting your recommended servings every day.

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1. Fire up the Grill

Did you know you can actually grill watermelon? What about peaches and pineapples? These are just a few of the many fruits that benefit from some time on your barbeque. When peaches and pineapples are warmed up, they become even sweeter and they are the perfect afternoon snack or summer dessert when paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. A single peach only contains 50 calories and is good for your heart thanks to the fiber content and Vitamin C. Pineapple can help you recover from a bad cold much faster, and the high water content of watermelon – 92 percent! – makes it a super hydrating food. So, grill your fruit and enjoy them in a whole new way.

2. Try New Fruits in a Smoothie

By now we all probably add blueberries and bananas to our morning or afternoon smoothies. But you can think beyond these popular fruits and you can improve your smoothie creations. Why not add some diced melon (honeydew or cantaloupe) to a banana and almond milk breakfast smoothie, or some kiwis or pomegranate seeds? Melon is an amazing choice health-wise, thanks to its Vitamin A content which helps keep your teeth, bones and skin in top form. Try a kiwi-strawberry smoothie for an after-dinner snack or healthy dessert: kiwifruit is thought to help stave off insomnia.

3. Drink 2 Smoothies a Day

You’re bound to consume more fruit if you drink a smoothie for breakfast and enjoy one for an afternoon snack. As long as you change up your fruit, this is an easy and delicious way to increase your fruit intake.

4. Add Fruit to Baked Goods

Besides banana bread which, of course, involves overripe bananas, you can add a lot of different fruit to whatever you’re baking. Spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon and add some chopped up apple to your banana bread, for starters. Think beyond blueberry and make raspberry or even blackberry muffins. You can even use avocado as a replacement for butter. And applesauce makes an amazing stand-in for butter, too. You will be reaping the benefits of avocado’s healthy fats and while making healthier baked goods that are lower in calories.

5. Enjoy Baked Fruit for Breakfast

Think fruit is only a snack or dessert option? Think again. You can bake any fruit, from bananas to peaches to apples, and enjoy it for breakfast along with whatever you typically have, from granola and yogurt, to cereal and milk, to pancakes or waffles or scrambled eggs. It’s a great idea to consume fruit in the morning as it’s a healthy start to the day.

6. Add Berries to Salads

You most likely enjoy salads for lunch. After all, they’re easy to bring to work, keep well whether they’re in the fridge or at your desk, and are generally considered to be a pretty healthy thing to eat. Make your salads even yummier and healthier by adding blueberries and strawberries. They will add sweetness to your salad, and as a bonus you will be consuming lots of Vitamin C.

7. Drink Fruity Water

Add slices of lemons, limes and strawberry to your water and you will not only be hydrating yourself properly which you should always do but you will be able to eat the fruit once you’ve finished your glass of H2O, too. It’s a win-win.

8. Make Stews and Add Fruit

Chicken, beef, pork – all these meats go really well with certain fruit, from apples to peaches to pineapple. Add some to your next slow cooker beef stew, and try a new taste that will give you some variety to your weeknight meals but also allow you to consume more fruit.

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It’s easy to make a breakfast banana and blueberry smoothie or enjoy an apple with some peanut butter at 3 p.m., but beyond those typical go-tos, it can be tricky to eat enough fruit every day. Try these eight ideas for new and delicious ways to eat more fruit, and you will be healthier than ever – and your taste buds will thank you, too.




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