9 Diabolical Pranks to Pull on Your Work Buddies

Despite how exciting it is to get a new job, you will notice that boredom will slowly start to creep in, and you will start looking forward to the end of the day so that you can finally go home. Since the office life tends to be a bit monotonous, you soon discover that the same old conversations you have about the weather and the previous night’s news headlines, get a bit old and nothing is ever quite exciting at work.

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However, in work environments where the bosses are not too strict and can participate in pranks, then the office environment changes. Organizing a prank will not only bring colleagues closer together, but it will sharpen people’s creativity and make the office one of the best places to be all week. Here are some of the most diabolical pranks that you should try out in your place of work to make it lively.  

1. Crime Scene

The police barricade prank is very easy to pull off, since all you need, is to buy the tape and some chalk. You just need to pass the tape round your colleague’s office space and get a volunteer to lie down for a brief moment as you draw his or her outline on the floor. If you want your prank to work even better, have everyone in the office look at the victim of the prank suspiciously and whisper at each other as he or she enters the office to make him or her feel a bit awkward. Make sure to start laughing before your colleague starts running from the law, because they might actually think that they killed someone.

2. Fake Rats

Even the strongest men can jump on the table when they spot a huge rat running their way. It is funny how such a small harmless-looking animal, can have such an effect on human beings- we are over ten times bigger, stronger, and wiser than the small vermin. One small rat can send a grownup running out of a room while screaming; now think what numerous rats in an office can do to your colleagues. For this prank to work, get as many stuffed rats as possible and place them all over your colleague’s office space. You can get even more satisfying results from your prank, if you can get animated rats to give the impression that the rats are alive!

3. Suspending the Desk and Chair From the Ceiling

This prank requires serious professionals to pull off, because hanging even a small table or chair from the ceiling requires secure hooks and strong ropes. In order to prank a colleague in this way, that colleague must really deserve the trouble of going through with it. This prank is epic and will remain in your colleagues’ minds for the rest of their lives; imagine if someone did this to you, how would you react?

4. Fake Poop

No one likes the sight, the smell, or even the thought of having stepped on poop anywhere, even in the toilet. Now imagine how a huge blob of grownup poop would disturb your colleagues, if it were to be the first thing they saw coming into the office. It’s amazing how people react in such situations because they act as if the poop has the ability of jumping on them- they avoid it like a plague. Even if the fake poop is made of plastic and has no smell, your colleagues will definitely testify that it smells awful, not knowing that the smell is all in their head. You can also target one of your colleagues by placing the fake poop in front of his or her door, and then wait and see if he or she will ever make it into their office.

5. Spider Den

It is perfectly natural to be afraid of spiders, which is why this prank would work on anyone. Can you imagine how scared you would be to come early to work and find your cubicle covered with a spider’s web? You would be forgiven to think that a huge spider would jump out from your cubicle, chase you across the office floor and start feeding on your flesh- just like it happens in the movies. If you could get an animated and creepy looking spider to finish off the look, this would be the prank of the century.

6. Fake Dinosaur

fake dinosaur

You know how boring the office environment can get after working there for a few years, especially if nothing ever changes in your office. Such an environment would be ideal to pull off this prank, and you have to record everyone’s reaction on camera. The best way to do this is to get a life-size stuffed grizzly bear or even a dinosaur, and place it somewhere to scare the hell out of them. Expect some of your colleagues to scream or shout for help, run away, or just stay still like a statute.

7. Wrap Everything

To pull off this office prank flawlessly, you need enough wrapping paper, enough time, and a few helping hands. This prank would work perfectly the day before your colleague’s birthday, when you know you do not have that perfect gift that you have wanted to buy them. Just get a few of your other colleagues to stay in the office for a couple of hours as you pull off this sneaky prank. The next day you all have to come earlier than usual to meet the birthday boy or girl, unwrapping all his or her gifts, and eternalize his or her expressions on camera. Unwrapping your computer, your books, and even your seat would be very annoying so, if you pull off this prank on someone, expect them to prank you back the same way at some point.

8. Masking Tape in the Office Bathroom

There are pranks you can pull that can make the victim go, ’ha ha… veeery funny’, but then there are those pranks that will infuriate someone to the point of wanting to kill you; this prank is of the latter type. It is so easy to pull off since all you need is some masking tape that looks a bit like tissue paper, and replace it with the tissue paper you have in the office bathroom. The people who come to the bathroom to do a ’number two’, will swear to kill you when they discover that you switched the tissue paper with masking tape. The victim will be so embarrassed when they have to call someone from inside the bathroom to ask for real tissue paper.

9. Keys on Keyboard

A computer is one of the most common gadgets we have in today’s offices, owing to just how useful it is. If your colleague is not so well acquainted with the keyboard and they need to look at the keys before pushing them, you can have a lot of fun messing with their head. You can wait for them to go out for lunch, move a few keys around so that whatever they press, is not what will appear on the screen. Before they realize what is going on, you will have laughed yourself crazy,

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If your boss has no problem with you pulling any of the above pranks, then don’t let this information go to waste. Make sure to pull a prank on someone who will actually get the joke, as opposed to pulling a prank on someone who will hold a grudge against you for the rest of your life. If it happens to you, then you will just have an excuse to pull another prank on them!