Civilian Service in Switzerland

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Switzerland offers individuals the opportunity to work in Civil Service as an alternative to working in the military. There are a number of individuals who opt for Civil Service as they wish to serve their country without being part of the military service.

Duration of Civil Service

The length of civil service is approximately 1.5x military service (390 days), and can be performed in different stages. This type of service incorporates work tasks that are in the interest of the public and community. Civil servants complete the role of providing services where the community appears inadequate with regards to resources and help. The most common fields of civil service include health care, social work and environmental protection.

Eligibility to be part of Civil Service

A number of people object to military service on the basis of consciousness and principle. In this case, engaging in civil service is a good alternative as individuals can serve their country without being in the military.


Individuals who wish to be part of the civil service in Switzerland are required to fulfill certain criteria as outlined by the authority. It is imperative that all applicants state their objection to and irreconcilable difference to military service.

The following is a brief outline of the Civil Service Act that governs civil service:

  • Each assignment lasts for a minimum period of 26 days
  • All assignments are completed in compliance with the Ordinance on Civil Service
  • Each day in the civil service is completed before the regular release age

 Individuals who wish to join the civil service in Switzerland must carefully consider their options and complete their application when they are certain of their decision.