Creative Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Creative Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The reason why interviewers ask you creative based questions:

Even the most ‘uncreative’ of jobs may lead the interviewer to ask creative based questions and this is because the interviewer wants to establish whether the candidate can think outside the box and generate original and innovative concepts, methods and solutions to problems.

Creative questioning is also a tactic used by recruiters to see whether you can think on your feet, provide detailed responses quickly and clearly, and communicate your ideas in a professional manner.

What are recruiters trying to establish from you by asking creative interview questions?

Usually, recruiters are trying to determine whether you are capable of bringing new insight, and fresh and inventive ideas to the company. They also want to establish whether your train of thought is based more on practicality or creativity.

With creativity comes challenges and so those who are equipped and capable of answering such questions are usually individuals who are keen on a challenge and able to raise the bar.  

Commonly asked creative interview questions and answers:

Q. Describe a time where you provided a new and innovative solution to a problem at work…

A. You can use this opportunity to describe a time where you had to come up with a new process, technique or system at work and state why your new concept helped the company.

Q. Have you ever had to create an innovative and original solution to an existing company problem?

A. At this point you can state that based on research and trial and error by the company, you were able to come up with a new plan of action to solve a persistent problem.

Q. Describe the most innovative idea you have had, which you were able to create and integrate at work.

A. This question really tests your creativity so be sure to talk about the most unique and attractive idea you have had, how you managed to transmit the idea to an action, and why it was successful.

Q. Tell me about an innovative idea of yours that did not work out.

A. This question is usually asked to test how well you react to a failure you have had, and how it has affected your creativity. You should be truthful and explain a time where your idea did not live up to your expectations, why this happened, and what you did to rectify the situation.

Q. Describe a time where your new idea for a process was considered risky or unachievable by your management.

A. Talk about an idea that you had which others were not supportive of, but which you integrated into the business and made a success of it anyway. Explain how you handled the negative or unsupportive comments and how you overcame it to make a success of the idea.

Q. Tell me about a time where you had to solve a problem in a unique way within a very short period of time.

A. The interviewer wants to know how quickly you can think outside the box and how reactive you are to problems that may arise. Talk about a time where you had to come up with an original solution very quickly.

Q. In your opinion, what is the most creative accomplishment you have achieved to date?

A. The interviewer is looking for an impressive statement here so don’t be shy – identify your idea, why it did so well and how you felt about your accomplishment.

The abovementioned questions are only examples and should not be taken literally. Essentially, the interviewer wants to find out how quick thinking, creative and determined you are to bring innovative and unique concepts into the workplace.