Working as a Croupier: Land Based vs. Live Casino

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If you’ve always had a burning desire to be a croupier here’s some good news. The continued rise of the online “live” casino means that there are many more openings in this line of work – and here’s how it compares with working in a land based casino.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the comparison it’s well worth running through the many reasons why people typically want to become croupiers. Then we can see how the two different kinds measure up in each area.

Why You Should Become a Croupier

One of the key motivations for people trying to get into the casino world is that it has an effortless glamour to it. You can rub shoulders with high rollers in elegant surroundings so, as a place of work, it compares very favourably with being stuck in an office from 9 till 5 every day. Then there are the opportunities that it can offer for travel, especially if you land a job on a luxury cruise ship or even in a casino in one of the world’s holiday hotspots like the Caribbean or even Macau.

The money’s a consideration too because although the starting salary may be on the low side, there are plenty of chances for quick advancement, especially if you show a real aptitude for a particular game. By becoming a specialist in a certain game you can expect to increase your wage in a short space of time, 888casino, the leaders in the market when it comes to the online casino industry, have a guide available that is written by Henry Tamburin P.h.D, Tambrin is a renowned gambling author and he is definitely that man whose advice you must follow in order to learn how to play blackjack.

A Live v.s. Land Based Casino

So, to take the first point in the list, if you want to work in a glamorous environment a brick and mortar casino is surely a clear winner. You’ll be surrounded by people of all kinds and ages including winners and losers, extroverts and introverts and all with one thing in common – that they too love the casino environment. The online casino experience, however, couldn’t be more different. Croupiers in these are in what is effectively a TV studio with the trappings of a casino around them – and whatever atmosphere there is going to have to be generated by them.

But, although they will never get to meet any of their players in person, that’s not to say that there will be no communication between them. Thanks to the “chat” facility on most of the sites there is definitely the chance for some friendly banter and to develop a real relationship. In fact, recent times have found that there can be a bit of a “cult of the personality” surrounding some of the most popular live online casino dealers with some players always trying to play in their games and even new ones actively seeking them out. This is great news both for the croupiers who can find themselves being rewarded by the online casinos for their popularity and for the gaming companies who are generating some invaluable brand loyalty.

In terms of breaking through the everyday work routine both the traditional and live casinos score pretty high. Because both are 24/7 operations shift work is the norm and while for many people this would be a distinct disincentive, if you’re the sort of person who likes to keep your own hours the opposite is the case.

Location is also key for some people and, as the majority of brick and mortar casinos are in city centres, a commute involving potentially expensive car parking or train travel is also almost certain. On the other hand, online casino operations can be located anywhere and are far more likely to involve fewer travel overheads.

While we’re talking about money, the salaries that both kinds of casinos can expect to deliver are roughly comparable and, as already mentioned, are generally below the national average. But, ever since new rules came into force in 2005 both allow players the chance to show their appreciation through the giving of tips. In a land based casino, this is generally likely to be handed over on the spot while most online casinos have a facility in the payments section to include a tip at the player’s discretion. In this case, the amount is usually deducted from winnings and passed to the dealer on whose game they have been playing.

So, as you can see, the two kinds of croupier possibly have more in common than you might imagine.

One of the important skills of being a dealer must also be to do rapid mental mathematical calculations – in particular having to learn your 8, 17 and 35 times tables. This is more of an issue for the croupier in the traditional casino as they will be surrounded by players who want the game to proceed at a high pace whether it’s roulette, blackjack or baccarat so you really do have to be on the ball in this respect.

It would, therefore, be fair to say that the pressure on an online croupier is a little less intense for two key reasons. The first is that the games are inevitably slower and the second is that many of the calculations will be done automatically to allow the digital technology of the online casino to pay winnings or claim lost stakes.

But the real heart of the difference between the two kinds of croupier is the way that each interacts with the players. If one considers part of the job as being to put on a performance the person in a land based casino is more like an actor performing on stage while the online experience is more like appearing on TV. As any actor will attest, these need very different kinds of skill. For a live performance a truly out-going, not to say slightly over the top, presentation is key while when on camera you can afford to be more subtle – while still trying to create a real connection with players who are online.

There’s also the consideration of how you handle and react to your “audience”. Many croupiers like to be in the thick of the action as casino players go through the highs and lows of an evening’s play, sharing in the excitement and offering consolation for the disappointments. However, others would prefer to keep all this emotion at arm’s length – a benefit afforded by being an online croupier.

So, to sum up, while being a real or an online dealer does involve many differences they can be very subtle. For example, they both hinge on having something of an extrovert personality but this can take very different forms. You also need to able to think quickly on your feet, but just that little bit quicker as a croupier in a traditional casino.

Another area that we’ve not quite touched on yet is appearance. To go with an open and approachable personality it does no harm if you’ve the looks to match – as well as taking pride in the way you dress and carry yourself. You’ll find that this is equally important in whatever kind of casino you decide you’re going to make your mark.

Hopefully, having read this, you may already be starting to decide which area you’re going to be most suited to. But you can also be sure that whichever you do choose will give you a great grounding in this very attractive career. Then if, a year down the line, you decide that you want to leap to the other kind of croupier job you’ll already be more than qualified to make a seamless transition.

What type of casino would you prefer to work in? Let me know in the comments section below...