The 10 Best Data Scientist Résumé Examples and Templates

Need some inspiration? Have a look at these excellent data scientist résumé examples.

Reviewed by Hayley Ramsey

Data scientist resume template and example with data scientists working in the background

If you’re applying for a data scientist role, you will need to spend some time writing and updating your résumé to make sure it’s fit for purpose. Choosing the best résumé template is going to be what really sells you to a recruiter, so it needs to demonstrate your relevant experience, top skills and any qualifications, in a way that is professional, easy to read and clearly presented.

Let us help you with a review of 10 data scientist résumé templates fit for a role in the field, to give you some ideas and to get some tips on what works well.

1. Entry-level data scientist

Entry-level data scientist resume example and template in a basic design.

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This résumé design is clear, simple and professional. The way that it is divided into two columns means that much of the most important information is right at the top. On one side, you have the contact details and profile, with experience on the other side. A quick look down the page takes you to the education section, including languages and skills of the applicant, too.

This person already has entry-level data scientist experience, presented clearly, with both responsibilities and measurable achievements listed, making him a strong candidate. This is further highlighted in his profile, which is confidently written, outlining his strengths.

2. Data science intern

Data science intern resume template with a whirl design.

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This is a vibrant data scientist résumé that will stand out in the pile. The layout is easy to follow and cleverly presents this person’s skills above his experience, which makes his résumé stronger, given that his employment history is limited.

It starts with a solid summary that really emphasizes his skills. Even though he is looking for an internship, he appears highly skilled and motivated to succeed. This is shown further by the fact that, in addition to a degree, he has taken some online courses to strengthen his skills.

3. Junior data scientist


Rose style junior data scientist resume template and example

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This is another simple design example, keeping to a traditional chronological résumé, with the addition of a very subtle illustration behind the text. Education is listed above experience in this case because it is highly relevant, being so recent and at master’s level, as well as the addition of professional courses.

The work experience section here is written as a block of text, whereas usually in a template like this, it would be bulleted. It works well, because the description is concise, clearly setting the scene, detailing responsibilities, and ending with achievements.

The skills and expertise section at the end nicely rounds everything off, adding technical skills as well as soft skills, using keywords to make the résumé ATS compliant.

4. Senior data scientist

Gravity senior data scientist resume template and example

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This chronological data scientist résumé has a professional vibe, suited for a more senior position. This candidate’s title is clearly evident at the top of the résumé and the profile justifies her seniority, with details of her 8-year career to date. It adopts formal language, written like a professional biography, outlining what this person has done, her biggest assets and some distinct achievements in previous roles.

This résumé sample expresses a clear career trajectory from data scientist to senior data scientist, for two large multinationals. Measurable achievements are included, as well as details of management responsibilities, justifying her level.

Software skills warrant their own section, as over time, moving to a senior position, the skills have grown and can fill a whole section, which may not be possible in an entry-level résumé.

5. Data science manager

Accentuate data science manager resume template

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This résumé is very attractive, whilst still pulling off a professional vibe. The layout is traditional, but the colors, sectioning and fonts add another element, really making it stand out. It would be suitable for use at any level, but is a great résumé for management level as well, with plenty of room to add detailed descriptions of past roles, as well as a comprehensive profile.

Straight away, it is clear that this person is experienced through her immediate inclusion of how long she has been in the industry in her profile. This is effective, especially when backed up by what has been achieved during that time, as well as highlighting her most valuable skills.

6. NLP data scientist

NLP alternative style data scientist resume example

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An NLP data scientist is a somewhat specialist role and so a résumé to stand out is a great move. This résumé is simple and traditional in terms of colors (black, gray and white), but the design is quirky. The boxed title leaves no doubt as to what this person’s specialism is, and all sections are clear and defined.

There are a lot of technical terms in this résumé which will enhance how well it does when run through applicant screening software, because it is very keyword heavy.


You can use the job description and person spec within the job advert for the role you’re applying for. Take relevant keywords from it that you can use in your résumé.

7. Python data scientist

Python striking data scientist resume template

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The pops of yellow on this are simple, but they really make this data scientist résumé stand out, as does the black banner at the top. It looks a little like a page out of a magazine at first glance and is a great template if you’re looking for that something extra.

As this person only has one previous position listed, he has put skills above experience. This is effective because you can see that, even though he hasn’t worked in lots of positions, he has amassed some valuable skills.

Moving down, you can also see that he has been in his current role for many years, meaning that there is plenty to say about it. He effectively lists his experience of programming skills with a mix of responsibilities and achievements, positioning himself as someone who is very competent at what he does.

8. Data science vice president

Vice president data scientist sleek resume template

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This résumé is unique with its use of color, the photo (which is more than your average headshot), and the illustrative diagram. At vice president level, standing out is essential, and this résumé does that, with the candidate very much highlighting his brand.

The profile is to the point, concise and effective. From reading it, the recruiter knows his length of service in the industry, his specialist areas, most relevant skills and his notable achievements. Having the skills diagram directly opposite emphasizes his key attributes.

The experience section is packed with executive level keywords, such as leading, growing, improving and managing, as well as technical keywords, action words and measurable achievements.

9. Mathematical statistician

Mathmatical statistitian simple resume example

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This résumé is very logical, clear and progressive, much like maths. The blue adds to this, as it is a color often associated with maths. This subliminal undertone makes it a clever choice for someone applying for a role as a mathematical statistician.

The text is also very clear and logical, in line with the design. It is packed full of relevant keywords, making it highly ATS compliant, whilst showing the relevant technical skills. The visual skills section at the bottom of the page is very easy to quantify his skill level at a glance, with the simple star system.

10. Career change

Career change minimalist data scientist resume template

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A career change résumé is all about showing your transferable skills, demonstrating that parts of previous job roles have crossovers, and that you developed skills and experience that will be highly beneficial to your new direction.

In this case of a software engineer looking to transition to a career in data science, there are plenty of crossovers and relevant experience that can be drawn on, and this person has highlighted them well. The profile outlines transferable soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership, as well as relevant tech skills.

He has tailored his experience section well, focusing on the tasks and achievements that are in line with that of a data analyst, rather than listing everything. Keeping it focused means it really highlights the similarities, whereas writing too much about software engineering would shift the focus and wouldn’t be tailored to the new direction.

This person has a BA in computer science, which again is highly relevant, along with some additional courses studied, so he is an excellent candidate for this career change. To pull it all together, he mentions his desire to change career in his profile, so it is clear from the offset what his intentions are.

Key takeaways

There is no one size fits all when it comes to résumés. It really is all about tailoring your résumé to the role you’re applying for and the template you choose is a big part of this. Choosing a design that highlights your most impressive offerings is paramount, whilst remaining professional and making it clear to read. The template you choose will be different for different roles.

A great template won’t make up for other lacking areas, though, so make sure your résumé is worded in a way that really sells your skills and uses all the necessary keywords to make it stand out when going through screening software. Everything you include needs to be relevant and achievement focused. If you’re still struggling to write/update your résumé, it’s worth considering a résumé writing service to help you land the job you’ve been dreaming of. Good luck!

Are you looking for a new data scientist role? Did you find these examples helpful? Let us know in the comments below!