How to Decide Between 2 Awesome Job Candidates

So you have a new position to fill at your company, and after reading hundreds of CVs and interviewing dozens of applicants, you finally got to a point where you find the ideal candidate for this position. The only problem is, you found two awesome candidates with only one position to fill.

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So, you need to ask yourself some tough but powerful questions and hopefully, you will be able to tell which one would better suit your organization; regardless of the result, both hires would be great for your company.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make this decision a little bit easier:

1. Evaluate Their Skills


So, you probably have specific required skills for the role they need to perform, and since they are both in the final round, they have most, if not all, the skills. So, again you are stuck. What you need to do now is go a bit further than just ticking off their skills boxes and look deeper by evaluating the importance of each skill.

Maybe both of them have eight out of the ten required skills; but not all of them are the same. So you need to think about the specific job role and consider which eight skills are the most important. If it’s a sales position and one person has more technical skills and the other has more interpersonal skills, then, in this case, the second person would be a better fit for that specific job. Just ask yourself one question: who do you think would most likely impress your boss? The candidate answering your question should be your next hire.

2. The Alcohol Test

Fitting in with the organization is no longer considered a bonus; it should be a must if you want to have an influential and productive work environment. You need to think beyond who truly “gets” your company mission or has similar goals with the organization; you need to think about who would better work in your office on a daily basis. Think about their previous job experiences - have either of them previously worked successfully in workplaces similar to yours? Why has one of them worked in entirely different work environments? Was it their choice or was it accidental?

So, here comes the important and serious question: which of the two would you rather join at happy hour and have a few beers with after work? Maybe you won’t be able to know how he would be on a daily basis yet, but based on your interview conversation (and gut reaction) you pretty much know who would be the best candidate to hang out with.

Have you ever heard of social interviews? A social interview is when the hiring manager takes out candidates for happy hour with other team members and lets them socialize. Why don’t you do the same thing at your company if you are struggling to choose between the two of them? This way, you can let your team choose who they want to work with themselves.

3. Hiring is a Two-Way Street

You should also remember that you don’t hold all the power. Possible candidates may reject your offer at the end of the day, so before going through this painful procedure make sure that both candidates are available for you and are excited and positive about your offer.

If one candidate is overqualified, which definitely makes him ideal for the job, will he accept your offer (requirements, salary etc)? Do you have to make an immediate offer? Don’t forget to be realistic and that they don’t just need you, you also need them!

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But do not worry. If you are struggling to make a decision, it means that whoever you choose, is going to be awesome for your team and company.

Have you ever been through this process? How did you handle it? Let us know your tips and experiences in the comments section below.