How to Enter a Calm State of Mind While at Work

Your stress levels can get so high at work that you want to smash your computer screen, throw everything off the desk and toss your mobile phone through your boss’ office window. Whether it’s a short deadline, a demanding manager or an irritating colleague, we’ve all been there. Work can get hectic and sometimes we just can’t help but lose our temper.

An over active and restless mind can increase your risk of heart disease, depression and obesity. No matter how nerve-wracking the situation is, we need to keep our stress under control. There are ways to diminish stress and unwind in order to function better and be a more positive person in the workplace. Learn how to relax and enter a calm state of mind at work…

1. Escape for a minute

Although you cannot physically escape the workplace, you can mentally escape the tense environment. If the workload is heavy or your nagging boss is badgering you, you may start to feel your blood pressure rising. Take a minute to close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine yourself at a happy place. Focus on your breathing and once you open your eyes you will feel more harmonious. Even if you do this at your desk or on a toilet break, this mental escape can be all the therapy you needed.

2. Take a breather

Once you’ve left that disappointing meeting or after your colleague maddens you, ease the stress by practicing a few breathing exercises. Prevent your mind from wandering and block all surrounding noises by counting up to 20. Take slow, deep breaths and distract your thoughts - you’ll be surprised just how calm you’ll feel afterwards. These breathing exercises will help you keep your stress at bay.

3. Use your break wisely

Your break at work should be spent wisely. It’s important that you return to work in a better mood and with a fresh mind by walking, jogging or running. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind! When faced with stress, consider taking your mind off things by disconnecting during your break. Making time to do things you enjoy will help you relax so play a game of Angry Birds or scroll through your social media feed! Switch off during your break and return refreshed!

4. Relax from the night before

Approach your boss with a smile in the morning by doing relaxing activities the night before. Meditation and yoga are an ideal way to get your mind at rest. Have a massage to loosen tense muscles and fully shut your mind off. Bring yourself to peace by listening to soothing music or taking a comforting bath. These techniques can slow down your thoughts and help you have a better perspective at work the next day.

5. Reduce negative thoughts

Stress can only be fueled with negativity. Improve your mood, energy and well-being by adopting positive thoughts. Reflect on something great or funny that has happened to you in the past to shift your attention whenever you feel a negative thought come on. Enter a calm state of mind by believing in yourself. Believe that you will get this task done in time and believe that your boss will praise you for your hard work. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution – life at work will be so much more stress-free!

6. Improve your health

Diet and sleep plays a huge role in determining your mood and stress levels. Consider lowering your caffeine or alcohol intake. It’s substances like this that take a toll on your temperament. Exercise more often and get the right amount of sleep every night - you’ll have a different outlook on work life every day!

7. Let it out

In the heat of the moment, the words start flowing and your heart starts racing. Prevent the raging rant from escaping by venting your anger elsewhere. Don’t shout at your boss; don’t scream at the computer screen - write your feelings down. Or if you trust your co-worker, talk to them and let them hear your complaints! There are better ways to de-stress then by screaming and arguing.


There are several ways to release your frustration and enter a calm state of mind at work. Prevent yourself from reaching breaking point and throwing a tantrum by taking on board the tips mentioned above.

You’ll shake the stress monkey off your shoulders and learn to keep your cool in no time!






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