20 Useful Apps and Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Running a successful business is difficult, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools to get you through it! This is where the help of easy-to-use apps and online tools can save you the legwork and make a world of difference. You’ll have better time management, organisation and productivity by using a mixture of online resources.

There’s no need to shuffle through paperwork and sift through Excel spreadsheets anymore because help is at hand! Here we uncover the 20 game-changing apps that every entrepreneur needs in their life.

1. Boomerang

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

Do you tend to work throughout the night but hate hitting the ‘Send’ button on an email during the late hours? With Boomerang you no longer need to worry about sending late emails – you can simply schedule emails to be sent at a more professional time, which means that you can get that much-needed lie-in too!

2. Hootsuite

From $29/month on AndroidiOS and desktop (limited free plan also available)

Hootsuite is a social media management app for all the major platforms. You can manage all your social media accounts under one simple tool and schedule posts for weeks to come, ensuring that you don’t miss a beat! You can also track posts’ performance and reply to messages and comments.

3. Trello

Free on AndroidiOS and desktop

Trello is without a doubt one of the best and easiest project management tools around when it comes to organising projects, checking project progress and assigning certain tasks to team members. You can even create a separate board for personal projects and to-do lists, ticking off each item as you go.

4. Grammarly

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

The way you write and address your professional documents and emails says a lot about you as an entrepreneur. And when it comes to ensuring that your writing is error-free and grammatically correct, Grammarly’s got you covered! It checks for things like spelling mistakes and punctuation errors, and it’s more thorough than any other online word editor.

5. Slack

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

Whether you’re running a large organisation or a small business, you’ll need an easy-to-use communication tool to help employees get tasks completed faster. This is where Slack comes in, an instant messaging software tool which allows for personal conversations and multiple channels for group discussions.

6. Google Analytics

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

If you have an online site (and who doesn’t nowadays?), you need to ensure you’re tracking your growth, interest, target demographics and popular topics. Luckily, Google has the perfect tool to do all of that on one simple interface. With Google Analytics you can review what’s working and what isn’t by analysing the data that’s provided.

7. MailChimp

Free on AndroidiOS and desktop

Sending out newsletters is a great marketing trend to follow – they inform subscribers about your latest products and increase sales in return. But if you don’t have the time or resources to create them from scratch, MailChimp is a great alternative. With its drag and drop feature, you can create a professional template within minutes to send out to your entire contact list in no time.

8. FreshBooks

Free on AndroidiOS and desktop

Financial tasks like invoicing and bookkeeping can take you away from more important things that require your expertise. Instead of wasting time, why not invest in an accounting tool that can help you? FreshBooks allows you to invoice and manage small businesses from one simple page.

9. Mint

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

If you’re not great at budgeting, Mint can be your saving grace. You can set and track budgets, add expenses and import bank statements to ensure you’re within your target. You’ll also get alerts when it’s time to pay bills and receive tips to improve savings.

10. Nutcache

From $3/month on Android, iOS and desktop free trial also available)

Need to keep track of invoices and expenses on projects? Look no further than Nutcache! This tool allows you to assign projects, schedule tasks and track time and expenditure, and then send an invoice once the project is finalised. It will ensure that projects are kept within budget, allowing people or teams to collaborate effectively.

11. You Need a Budget

$83.99/year on Android, iOS and desktop (free 34-day trial also available)

If you’re not very good at budgeting, you should sign up for a free trial of You Need a Budget. You can easily write down all your monthly expenses and assign your cash to them once you’ve been paid, allowing you to have a clearer objective of what you can realistically afford and save.

12. Bitly

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

Posting a long URL onto different platforms can be an eyesore, and it will unnecessarily take up a large number of characters on your social media pages. Instead, use Bitly to shorten your links which can then be used on multiple channels and accessed by all devices. You can also track what happened once a user clicks on your link.

13. Dropbox

Free on AndroidiOS and desktop

If you need to access files from another device or share items with other people, you can do just that with Dropbox. You no longer need to carry around USB sticks or hard drives; instead, you can just log in to your Dropbox account and easily download your presentation or important documents on the go.

14. Gusto

From $6/month on desktop (free 30-day trial also available)

HR is an area where a lot of startups fail to invest in, but with Gusto, you no longer need to worry about payroll and inventory solutions. Gusto allows you to add employees into the system to ensure they get paid on time, relieving all the time spent on manual payments. It even offers great business advice and access to qualified accountants if needed.

15. Post-It Plus

Free on iOS

If you’re a fan of post-it notes, you’re going to love the online version. It not only ensures that you never lose that important number, but it also eliminates the use of paper, making Post-It Plus an eco-friendly alternative of note-taking!

16. Calendly

Free on desktop

Tired of the back and forth of trying to schedule a meeting? Calendly allows you to send out a calendar invitation with a choice of day and time slots, gathering this information by integrating with the calendar that you currently use. Once your invitee selects their time, the meeting will show in both your calendars, saving time for you to focus on more important tasks.

17. Office 365

Free on desktop

If you need to access all the MS Office tools on one device, you can do so with Office 365. You can even work on a shareable document from any location, ensuring that your updates are saved automatically. And if you need to go back to a previous version, you can with the ‘Revert History’ option.

18. PeoplePerHour

Free on desktop

Looking for expert freelancers in a hurry? Look no further than PeoplePerHour. This small community hosts a catalogue of experts in their field who are available for freelance work. They’ve all passed the verification process and can be invoiced through PeoplePerHour to ensure that payments are safe and secure.

19. Wally

Free on Android, iOS and desktop

Wally is great for personal and business use when it comes to keeping track of your finances. It tracks your income and expenses, helping you set and achieve goals. You can identify where your business is spending unnecessarily and make any necessary cuts to achieve more.

20. My Minutes

Free on iOS and desktop

Do you only have an hour to complete an important task? You can make sure you don’t go over by using My Minutes. You also have the option to track your workday to see where you’re wasting time and what you can be doing instead. A great tool for a big procrastinator!

Do you use any other apps and tools? Join the conversation down below and let your fellow entrepreneurs know!