How to Find a Job at the London Stock Exchange


As the leading exchange group in Europe, you’ll need to be someone pretty special to land yourself a job at the London Stock Exchange Group. The group wants people who are qualified and highly-educated, to be sure -- but they also want recruits who are motivated and possess something that sets them apart. 

If you want to find a job at the London Stock Exchange Group -- often just called “LSEG”, here’s how to do it.

Peruse the openings

The London Stock Exchange posts its jobs on it’s “Careers” page, including jobs for people who are “experienced” as well as those who have recently graduated or are still studying and want to pursue an internship. If you’re not yet done with your studies, pursuing a summer internship in your penultimate year at University will allow you to meet the people who work at LSEG and make contacts that can help you get hired later on. 

If you’ve recently graduated, look into LSEG’s Graduate Program, which involves three six-month stints in different areas of the organization. Focusing on either Technology or Business, the program is a highly sought-after experience for those looking for long-term careers in the industry. 

If you’re already working in the financial services sector, visit the LSEG’s “Experienced Hires” page to find out about current openings.

Do you have what it takes?

As mentioned, the LSEG wants top-notch candidates, but your academic progress is far from the only qualifier. Indeed, you’ll need good scores; according to the LSEG website, the minimum academic requirements are a 2:1 honours degree. If you’re focusing on business, your major can be in any discipline, but for Technology careers, you’ll need to have focused on engineering, mathematics, science or technology. In addition, you’ll need 300 UCAS points at A-level from your top three subjects -- but that can’t include General Studies or Critical Thinking. 

In addition, LSEG wants to see that you’re driven, personable and good at establishing and maintaining relationships, and that you have that “something else” that sets you apart. Maybe you’re adept in several languages, you’ve studied abroad, or you have other experiences that make you different than the status quo; be ready to talk about them and discuss why they make you a great candidate.

The application process

Whatever your level, apply for jobs or internships from the LSEG website. If you’re selected as a candidate, you’ll first go through online testing. At the next stage, you’ll be asked to answer a series of essay questions and submit a more extensive application. The next phase will involve a telephone interview, followed by a more rigorous set of assessments at the LSEG testing center. During that phase, you may have to conduct exercises in a group setting, give a presentation, take part in more ability testing, take part in interviews, and more. If it seems like an intense application process, it is -- but the reward will be a job at one of the world’s leading stock exchanges. 

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If you make it through all of those phases, you may have a very good chance indeed of landing a job at The London Stock Exchange Group.

Have you ever worked here, or know someone who has? Let us know in the comments box below.

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