Firefighting Careers in Latvia

firefighter Lativa


To apply for a firefighter position in Latvia, all candidates must satisfy the pre-requisites provided, and comply with the Ministry of the Interior and the Prison Administration Officials. Careers in the fire service fall under the remit of ‘public sector employment’, which means public sector employment contracts, benefits and conditions apply. Essentially, the benefits associated with working for a governmental organization in Latvia are numerous and range from heighten job security, to gaining a respected social standing in the community.

Depending on the position sought, the entry requirements may vary, however the basic entry requirements for entry to the Latvian fire service are as follows:

  • Candidates must be a Latvian citizen

  • Applicants must pass medical and physical abilities tests in accordance with the standards set by the Cabinet

  • Applicants with a criminal record will not be eligible for a position with the fire service

  • It is obligatory for individuals to be between the ages of 18-40 years old

  • Candidates must have completed secondary school education at a minimum

  • Candidates must also possess the required level of language skills (B2 level)

It is important to be fully aware of the tasks and responsibilities that you will face as a firefighter in Latvia. Below are some of the basic responsibilities of the State Fire and Rescue Service:

  • Analyse State fire safety

  • Manage and perform fire-fighting tasks

  • Perform rescue operations including road accident assistance

  • Organise, manage and perform rescue and search operations in Latvian waters

  • Ensure conformity with industry safety standards and certification of technical provisions

  • Co-operate with local and national authorities

  • Implement civil protection measures

  • Providing training to staff serving in the fire and rescue service and associated services

  • Perform research in fire safety and civil protection areas