How to Get a Work Visa in Denmark

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According to, Denmark is one of the most active members of the European Union which is aggressively recruiting skilled workers from around the world. In order to obtain a work visa for working in Denmark, there are various steps that you need to take. Interested individuals also need to ascertain whether or not they actually qualify to work in this country. There are various resources available online to assist in the process. This article will address the necessary steps as well as the eligibility requirements to work in Denmark.

About the Danish Green Card System

Denmark has an immigration policy which is similar to the program in the UK. The system is called the Danish Green Card program and it is a point-based system with a goal of attracting skilled global workers who live outside the EU. Individuals are scored points based upon the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language Skills
  • Work Experience

For those applicants who score enough points, they will be awarded a three year residence under the Danish Green Card program. These individuals will be permitted to move to Denmark and work during that time period. It is not required to have a previous job offer at the time of applying for the work permit. Interested individuals can ascertain their eligibility by completing the Denmark Immigration Assessment Form. Scoring 100 points permits you to work 18 months in Denmark. You can check out the scoring system for age, education, language skills and work experience at the Danish Green Card Scoring Site.

About the Positive List Scheme

In addition to the green card program, they also have a work permit system called the Positive List Scheme. This program is for individuals who already have a valid job offer from a Danish employer. Currently, Denmark has a wide variety of occupations that lack qualified workers. For those applicants who have skills in any of the following occupations, they can obtain a work permit in a shorter time period. There are some conditions that do apply. Applicants for the Positive List Scheme need to have a written job offer with the expected salary and employment conditions at the time of submitting the application. Applicants approved for this program will receive a work and resident permit with a three year term.

  • Construction
  • Hotel, Restaurant or Kitchen
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Management
  • Education and Tuition
  • Academic, Project managers and professional occupations
  • Educational, Social and Religious Occupations
  • Marketing, Sales and Purchasing
  • Healthcare and Personal Care
  • Postal Services, Storage and Engine Operation

For those applicants who receive a work permit under the Positive List Scheme, their partner or spouse is also permitted to reside in Denmark. Children in the family under 18 are also permitted to receive resident permits.

About the Pay Limit Scheme

For applicants who have a definite job offer from a Danish employer with expected pay at more than DKK 375,000 or approximately 80,000 USD, they are eligible to receive a work permit under the Pay Limit Scheme. With this third program option, there are no requirements regarding occupation, education or experience. However, in some cases, Danish authorization is needed. For example, those seeking employment as a doctor in Denmark, need specific authorization. Check out this listing for examples of Positive List Shortage Jobs. Applicants approved for this program will receive a work permit for a term of three years. There is the possibility of an extension of up to four years. As with the other two programs, family members are also eligible for resident permits.

Additional Resource to Assist in Obtaining a Visa

Global Visas is a trusted immigration company. They have a team of experts, most of whom are ex-immigration officers. Their team can assist in helping interested individuals find the specific work permit for their current situation. provides advice for applying for a work visa, moving belongings to the country and finding a place to live in Denmark. You can complete their free assessment that will help in determining your eligibility to work in Denmark.

Applying for a work visa to Denmark can become a more simplified process if you follow the steps outlined in this article. As mentioned in the article, there are three basic options, including the Danish Green Card System, Positive List Scheme and the Pay Limit Scheme. is another helpful resource to assist in the process.