How to Get an Internship With Ford

Ford Company Building

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company is an American multinational auto manufacturer. In 1903, Henry Ford founded and incorporated the company. The Ford family still controls the company to this day through minority ownership. Forbes has described Ford as “the most important industrial company in the history of the United States.” For those students and graduates who are interested in getting an internship with Ford, this article will address the procedure and necessary requirements.

Where to begin the process

Ford Motor Company offers several different workplace opportunities for students in the following categories.

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Doctorate Degree
  • Recent College or University Graduates (within 3 years)

If you fit into one of the categories listed above, you can proceed by applying for an internship through one of the various programs offered by management. For more information on the process, review this hiring process overview. All prospective candidates need to apply online at For interns, the initial interview will be conducted on campus or over the phone. That initial discussion is the only interview for a prospective intern. After the initial interview, selected interns will receive an offer.

Internship programmes offered

Ford Motor Company has four different internship programs which are available to students and recent graduates. They are discussed in detail below.

1. Summer internship programme

The Ford Summer Internship Program begins in early May and continues through to the end of August. This program provides hands-on, career-specific work experience through a full-time workplace environment during the summer break. Typically, these summer interns have just finished junior year of their undergraduate or master’s program. Also, they expect to graduate the next year. The following qualities are expected from candidates in the program:

  • Top academic standing
  • Exceptional leadership qualities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly self-motivated skills

If an internship has completed successfully, the intern may receive a full-time job offer into their Ford College Graduate program. The other option is that they might receive an offer to participate in one of the developmental programs, as the opportunity permits.

2. Ford college graduate (FCG) programme

As mentioned in the first point, this FCG program is a second step in going further with your internship and future career at the Ford Motor Company. The Finance Department has called this the Career Foundational Program (CFP) because it provides an opportunity to further develop a strong foundation for graduates’ futures. These participants receive a well-rounded workplace experience by working in rotational job assignments during their first few years with the company. The program’s objectives are listed below:

  • Strengthen business acumen
  • Hone technical skills
  • Participate in rapid fire exposure (various business activities)

After the several rotations, the participant will gain a better understanding of the Ford culture. When the participant has completed the program, he or she is then placed into his “home organization” where a new career can be built at Ford. 

3. Co-op programme

This program is specific to candidates interested in the Product Development & Manufacturing Departments only. This Cooperative Education Program was designed to assist students with the transition from school life to the high-paced, high-performing workplace environment of the engineering field. Participants will receive invaluable hands-on workplace experience which they will need to excel in their future careers in the engineering field. The program details are listed below:

  • Co-Op term covers multiple semesters
  • Participants work to define their professional interests
  • They receive the opportunity to demonstrate technical and leadership skills

After completing a successful Co-Op internship, the intern may be offered full-time employment for positions which match their educational background and specific skillset. This program was designed to be a three-way partnership between Ford, the intern and the college or university. In order to be considered for this program, the candidate must be actively pursuing a BSc or MSc in Engineering from a college or university who participates in Co-Op programs.

4. Marketing leadership programme

Graduate students who are interested in Marketing Sales & Service can participate in the Ford Leadership Program. The Marketing Leadership Program (MLP) was established in 1989 as a means to “elevate the Company’s strategic focus on marketing.” Interns in this program have the opportunity to complete the following:

  • Venue for the development of leadership qualities
  • Complete challenging assignments which can influence the Company
  • Work to support Ford’s vision to “build great products, promote a stronger business and contribute to a better world”

Summer internships in the MLP are available as well as possible future employment.

5. IT leadership programme

This leadership program is also only available to graduate students and those in the Information Technology field. This program was designed to “attract, develop and promote” high-quality talent from within and also outside Ford IT. To qualify, candidates need to possess the following qualifications:

  • Experienced IT talent
  • Demonstrated outstanding results
  • High-quality competency skills
  • Education and leadership behaviors
  • Interest in driving innovation at Ford

All interns in this program will be assigned and Executive Sponsor in the IT Director level as well as a mentor in the Senior Management level. The term of this program is typically three one-year rotations.

Ford Motor Company offers five excellent internship opportunities for both students and recent graduates. The application process is simple as outlined in this article.