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Deloitte is one of the so-called “big four” professional service firms (along with PwC, EY, and KPMG). More specifically, it’s the largest of the four, with over 200,000 professionals working in over 150 countries, and over $34 billion USD in revenue in 2013-14. And it’s not “just” big. Deloitte is frequently included on local, national, and international lists of the best places to work. Most recently, it was named one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers 2015. Those in the industry view it as a leader and incredibly desirable place to be employed.

Its list of services include:

·         Audit (30% of revenue last year)

·         Consulting (33%)

·         Financial Advisory (9%)

·         Enterprise Risk (9%)

·         Tax (19%)

Deloitte has its global headquarters in the United States, and its American locations see an average of 500,000 applications each year. But be forewarned...only about 3.5% (roughly 17,000) make the cut at any given time. It’s cutthroat and fiercely competitive. In order to stand out, you need to have the skills, the education, and other intangible qualities. A typo on your application will have you out of the running immediately (with 500,000 applicants, they can afford to be selective). Executives with the company remind applicants that spelling and grammar matter, as do simple things like a follow-up thank you note after an interview, good eye contact, confident handshake, and so on. Education and skills matter the most, of course, but it’s the other stuff that can separate you from the hundreds of thousands of others with the same credentials.

Deloitte does the bulk of its hiring via campus recruitment across the many countries it is located in, or through its robust and powerful online portals.

On Campus

The company maintains a regular schedule of campus visits, and hiring personnel are responsible for key areas in a country. Check with your campus career center to find out more.

In the US, you can use the Deloitte Campus Map to find out when and who will be visiting your school. They recruit at over 300 campuses across the country. Details for other countries (including Canada, the UK, and Australia) are available on their website under the “Students” tab. You can switch between all countries in the Deloitte universe at the top right of the webpage.

Online Portal

Each country has its own online home, and you can easily switch back and forth via the dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

The company uses a powerful online recruitment platform in every country. You can create an online profile, upload your resume, search job openings, and apply to specific positions.

·         Careers at Deloitte (US)

·         Careers at Deloitte (Canada)

·         Careers at Deloitte (UK)

On your first visit, you’ll be asked to create a user profile (it takes about 30 minutes) including a username and password. You’ll be asked to cut and paste your resume into the appropriate data field, and you may also need your college/university transcript. Finally, it will ask you for your top two location preferences (by city). Once your profile is completed and saved, you can revisit at any time to search and apply for jobs.

Their recruitment portal allows you to search by position and location, so you can zero in on your ideal job.

All applications are automatically forwarded to the appropriate location and hiring personnel, and they will review all applications at the deadline (and not before). You’ll be contacted for an interview if you are shortlisted.   


Applicants usually go through anywhere from 3-10 interviews before getting a job offer. The first two are typically conducted over the phone or video conferencing.

Eventually, you’ll experience the Deloitte case interview. You will be interviewed and evaluated on your problem-solving skills, strategic and logical thinking, and analytical ability. You’ll be presented with a case study that relates to your preferred position, and you’ll have to provide feedback, insight, and answers to whatever questions or problems are presented to you.

Thankfully, you can prepare for this with Deloitte’s one Preparing for the Case Interview resources. Definitely worth the time to fully prepare for battle.

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Deloitte has a reputation as the biggest and the best, for both its clients and its employees. As such, you have to work hard to get noticed and land one of their coveted positions. If you do, though, you’ll find yourself working for an industry and global leader. Is it worth it? According to everyone, the answer is a resounding “yes”.