How to Get Hired By Proctor and Gamble

How to Get Hired By Proctor and Gamble Publicis Worldwide

Proctor and Gamble (P&G) is an American multinational manufacturer of consumer goods including prescription drugs, personal care and household cleaning products, disposable nappies and laundry detergents. Some of P&G’s popular brands include Pampers, Oral-B, Always, Gillette, Ace and Bounty. P&G is one of the best employers in the world. This global company receives thousands of applicants who are eager to join their community. As such, the process of getting hired by Proctor and Gamble is rigorous and intense. The company’s hiring process ensures it employs qualified individuals with unique qualities and comprehensive skills and abilities. For those looking to join this global company, visit their website and follow the steps below carefully.

1. Registration

The first step to getting hired by Proctor and Gamble is to apply for a position. On their website, you will find vacant positions listed and you can apply for any of your preferences. On the other hand, a search option is available to look for unlisted positions. Once you get a position of your choice, fill in your details and begin the hiring process by registering as a new user. The information required here is usually your full name, resume and other basic personal data. After the page has collected your basic information, 10 questions will appear for you to answer. The questions test your suitability for the position you chose, and if you pass, you move to the next step.

2. Success Drivers Online Assessment

In this second step, you are allowed to select a language of your preference to complete the test. The test has sixty-seven questions without a time limit and assesses your interests, background and work related issues. It also measures your compatibility with P&G’s proficiencies in efficient job performance. In addition, the success drivers assessment test seeks to find out other hidden qualities that you have. Ensure you have a strong and fast internet connection to allow you to complete the test smoothly.

3. Analytical Thinking Test

After successful completion of the online success assessment test, the next step is a reasoning test. The reasoning test has three parts including numerical, figural and logical thinking. There are a total of forty questions and unlike the previous step, you will have a time limit of sixty-five minutes to complete them. Your results will be available after a few days and if you are successful, Proctor and Gamble will invite you for your first interview.

4. Initial Interview

The first interview is based on your behavior to allow Proctor and Gamble to learn more about you. At this stage, the company wants to know your character and how you conduct yourself around people. The hiring manager will ask questions to determine your personality. Use the opportunity to show your capabilities and impress the interviewer.

5. Final Interview

Once you get to the final interview, be assured you are even closer to becoming part of Proctor and Gamble’s working community. In this final step, the hiring manager will go deeper into more behavioral factors. Proctor and Gamble also give you an inside view of its culture and values.

After proving that you are more than capable of working with Proctor and Gamble through the hiring process steps, expect to get a job offer. The offer serves to cement your place as part of the company’s staff.