Office Etiquette (1950's)

Hello there! I would like to you talk to about the new exciting adventure you are about to embark on. Welcome to the wonderful new world of the office environment in the 1950’s. Sure you’re rearing to go, enthusiastic, young and resilient. Once you get your first job, you’ll have to deal with all kinds of people. Some will be nice, some will be difficult and others will creepily stare at you from across the room. You should always try to smile and be agreeable because getting along and being courteous is more important than speaking your mind.

1950’s Etiquette

Make sure your attire is plain and neat.

Sometimes you’ll even have to take work at home but remember: getting along and being courteous is more important than speaking your mind.

Always agree with the boss never argue, he’s the boss and he’s always right!

Admit to your mistakes, even if they’re not yours.

Creepily observe others to learn the fundamentals of office etiquette!

Always make sure to thoroughly lick your fingers after that cognac jubilee chocolate! You don’t want chocolate fingerprints all over the expense reports, now do you?

Try not to look weasely when sneaking a peak at the sports section!

If you’re caught snooping get really aggravated when someone calls you out on it!

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Are there any other unwritten rules of 1950s office etiquette that I might have missed? Let me know in the comment section below!




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