Partying Before Work: Good or Bad?

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Are you a party-animal and not afraid to show it? Are you so obsessed with going out that you just can’t stop yourself from sneaking out the back door on a weekday? If yes, you are definitely going to like this… Well, that is, unless you really can’t stay off the alcohol.

While nobody can keep you from going out on a work day, there’s always the never-ending dilemma that pops up in your head every time your friends invite you on a night-out, ‘Should I stay or should I go’? A part of you says go for it, while the other half is trying to prevent you from making the biggest mistake of the week that could utterly destroy you.

But right there on the spot, you decide to go out following your gut feeling while ignoring the possible dangers of your decision. I guess it’s just too easy to give in to the temptation to stay up late, when your single and unemployed friends are practically begging you to “stay for a bit longer”. Even though you know you are already risking too much, you stay up too late and ending up looking like a zombie the next day at work. And just when you think there will be coffee at the office to help you keep your eyes open, you find the cupboard empty. Yeah, this could make work a living nightmare, and not being able to focus for more than five minutes can have serious consequences on your performance.

While I can’t argue with the fact that going out on a weekday can be liberating - as it helps you break from your routine, it also causes many other problems and as such can be fatal to your career, if it happens on a regular basis. But what if I told you I have just discovered the one thing that will allow you to party and work just as effectively? What if this could make both your social life and work a lot easier and enjoyable?

Unless you don’t want to have a hangover the next morning, you need to put some limits on your alcohol consumption – or better yet not drink at all. In fact, partying on a weekday can help you be more productive the next day at work, provided that you remain alcohol-free. At least that’s the main idea behind Daybreaker.

The Pre-Work Party

Daybreaker is an early-morning dance event that is no ordinary party. While it offers the same amount of fun as any other nightclub you go to every night, it offers non-alcoholic drinks and solely relies on coffee and juices as the main beverages. Whatsmore, it takes place during the early hours, starting at 6 am and finishing at 9 am just before you go to work, providing you with the perfect morning workout to prepare you for the day. The pre-work party starts off with yoga classes and by 7am the DJ hits the decks to get you into the right mood.

The trend started off in the New York City, and more specifically in the basement of a coffee shop in Union Square. The creators of the a.m. rave party, Matthew Brimer and Radna Agrawal found out that they had to stay up really late to go to a nightclub, a fact which was problematic considering they had to work the day after. By setting up their own ‘day club’ though, they found the perfect solution. Both agreed that this was a great way to start your day while still partying hard, without self-destruction. Just as Brimer pointed out in Business Insider, ‘it’s a great way to start the day off with a band, and without’s very much a workout.’

With all that caffeine that aims to get you up and going, who needs booze anyway? In fact, as some members of Daybreaker explained sober dancing can positively affect your brain while releasing endorphins that make you feel good, boost up your energy levels and strengthen your immune system. As opposed to drinking and taking drugs, sober dancing is definitely a much healthier habit.

Peter Bowes agrees on that, stating on BBC, that partying before work could even be the key to getting more done at work. Despite starting early, it seems that this dancing activity and meditation helps participants to equip themselves with the energy and right mood for a productive day. Not only that, Daybreaker – even Morning Gloryville, provides you with the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in an environment that’s informal, encouraging and friendly. As Brimer adds, the event “fosters this community where entrepreneurs can be creative…So there’s the physical aspect, but also the social energy, open-minded, and artistic side to it.”

If you head down to a nightclub at Manhattan you will figure that out yourself. Also, you will see people dancing ecstatically while wearing colourful costumes – yeah there are some dancing vegetables and giant jellyfish you can socialize with. No jokes!

A Different Kind of Meditation

This new breakfast club looks like it provides the latest and the healthiest version of partying. It ensures that no one gets hurt in any way, while keeping the intoxication level to the bare minimum (zero). In a way this could be your own dose of meditation, that doesn’t necessarily require you to lock yourself in a room and listen to classical music.

New Yorkers call it a wakeup call, a morning exercise and a fitness club where you can party hard without worrying about the possibilities of ending up completely wasted in a dumpster when you should really be at work. It’s a movement that can get you into the healthy habits by getting you all pumped and ready to kick start your day at work! Take a glimpse into the pre-work rave parties here:

Want to know more about this exciting rave party? Why not sign up at Dybrkr and join the movement yourself? Also, follow Daybreaker on Instagram to catch upon the latest news and events!

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So what do you think, is partying before work a bad thing or a good thing? I quess it depends on what you are doing as well as what you are drinking!

But do you think these people have lost their minds? Waking up at 6 a.m. to go dancing? Personally I am not much of a morning person, but I would gladly change my sleeping habits if it makes me more productive, wouldn’t you?

Let me know in the comments section below!