How to Stay Focused on Friday

It’s 9am on Friday, the weekend is almost here and you’re buzzing just thinking about your weekend plans! Sat at your office desk you can feel a sense of excitement in the air. Rather than begining your work however, you fall into a deep daydream, staring at your computer screen you will yourself to focus but all you can think about is ‘What shall I wear to the party on Saturday?’

Beware - this is dangerous territory! Your daydreaming antics every Friday could actually lead to you having no job to daydream at! You need to be careful of your actions and remain focused when on the job at all times – even if it is almost the weekend.

According to reports, a staggering 50% of American employees admit to working for a mere 15 minutes before being distracted at work. 52% of those interviewed in a recent employment hsurvey also admitted to wasting an hour or more each day as a result of being distracted!

Here are some tricks on how to keep focused at work on Friday…

#1 Eat breakfast

Not only will eating breakfast keep you feeling full for longer, but it is actually proven to help boost your concentration levels! Try including eggs and fresh fruit juice into your morning meals.

#2 Exercise

The more you exercise the better your concentration and attention span becomes according to scientific studies. Therefore, get to the gym throughout the week to make sure your concentration levels are on point come Friday!

#3 Tidy up

If your desk is littered with snacks, iPod, mobile phone, family photos etc, then it is highly likely that all of these things will contribute to distracting you throughout the day. Remove everything that is likely to take your mind off work - the last thing you want is to be caught on your mobile phone!

#4 Get a caffeine kick!

Try a cup of strong coffee in the morning to jump start your day and boost your energy levels. Whilst coffee won’t work for everyone, it is effective for many others so give it a try. Don’t like coffee? Try other caffeine drinks such as tea or cola! 

#5 Chew

You can actually help yourself to concentrate on your work by chewing gum. If you don’t want to eat gum, then try some of your other favourite snacks to keep you alert. 

Everyone wants to get out the door and start relaxing for the weekend but remember you still have to work Friday before the weekend starts. Just follow these simple rules and you will get through Friday without falling asleep from exhaustion.