The Best Job Titles Ever!

As a child, you probably had dreams about being an astronaut or Power Ranger, but back then, you believed literally any job title in the world was a viable career option! There was no-one telling you your aspirations were out of reach, and no-one to keep your feet on the ground, unlike now, when many people hoping to become rich and famous are scoffed at or looked down upon. This list may therefore come as a welcomed surprise for those who always longed for an imaginative, creative and somewhat crazy job title!

Check out the list below of some of the most impressive and creative job titles used by companies around the world. (Forbes list ’06)

#1 Marketing Rockstar – A boastful title for a Marketing Manager.

#2 Sales Ninja – This title will make any Sales Executive sound skilled!

#3 Director of Fun – This is quite possible the best job title for fun loving people.

#4 Grand Master of Underlings – Whilst not so obvious, this serves as an impressive title for a Deputy Manager.

#5 Retail Jedi – An excellent job title for a Retail Assistant!

#6 Chief Chatter – The clue is in the title; this title can be given to Call Center Managers.

#7 Corporate Magician – An appealing title for a not so appealing job; Trade Show Executive

#8 Social Media Trailblazer – Well this job title (for a Digital Marketing Executive) will certainly get you noticed at networking events!

#9 Wizard of Light Bulb Moments – Quite a fitting job title for a Marketing Director.

#10 Director of First Impressions – This job title was given to a Receptionist, and quite rightly so!

Some of these titles will cause a stir and a raised eyebrow, especially when introducing yourself as a Retail Jedi or the Grand Master of Underlings, but then again, its a great conversation starter at networking events. In fact, some companies actually prefer using ’fun’ job titles because it portrays their company in a way that matches their company ethos. Seth Goldman is CEO of Honest Tea, and renamed his own title as TeaEO (pun intended). The reason? To ensure their clients knew that whilst they are a reputable company, they don’t take themselves too seriously!

If you are lucky enough to be offered a job with a creative job title then snap it up quickly – they are rare and highly sought after! If on the other hand you go from one job to the next with boring, dull and rather depressing job titles, then why not approach your employer with the idea of revamping the teams’ titles to inject a little creativity, motivation and fun into the office!

What would your dream job title be? Comment below!

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