Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and the most highly populated city in the United Emirates; itself one of the richest countries in the world. It therefore stands to reason that there must be a lot of money to be made working in Dubai, especially if you have the right job.

Just to prove the point, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs currently/recently (depending on when you read this) available in Dubai. Of course, if you want to find a job in Dubai, it’s best to go through a recruitment agency with expert local knowledge and connections; organisations like Randstad MENA can be essential to finding a job in the far away, affluent climes of Dubai.

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(Salaries are displayed annually)

10. Asset Manager

1020000 AED (£224,720)

Offering analysis and advice on investments, you’ll need to ensure that facts and figures are easily understood and assimilated by clients, while also having impeccable financial knowledge. This is a high-pressure role, so as well as people skills and financial understanding; you’ll also have to deal with the responsibility of dealing with extremely large sums of money! You’ll also generally need some accreditation or recognised qualification, such as a Financial Conduct Authority recognised qualification.

960000 AED  (£2121,076)


9. Sales Vice President

1080000 £239,650

A VP of Sales is usually a very experienced and excellent salesman. First and foremost they are in charge of delivering revenue. This could be defined as cash, growth, market share or profits. Whatever it is they need to deliver on key metrics to show that they are doing their jobs and helping the company achieve its objectives.

They plan and direct sales strategies to decide which markets to expand into and how much money they should invest in resources. They also supervise sales managers to ensure that sales and product development strategies are being implemented properly.


8. Chief Financial Officer

1080000 AED (£239,787)

The person in charge of every financial activity in a company deserves to be paid well. Your senior accountant can cause havoc if you don’t compensate them appropriately. Every CFO should be extremely good with numbers, so a degree in Economics, numbers and maths or statistics is a must.

Organisational skills and attention to detail are also very important if you want your finances to be as accurate as possible.


7. Chief Marketing Officer

1080000 AED (£239,787)

An ever-evolving role since the digitisation of marketing, the CMO is in charge of all marketing activities within a company. This can include anything from creating marketing material and public relations to overseeing the management of a marketing department and bearing ultimate responsibility for both its successes and failures.

A marketing degree is not necessary for this role, but some companies will require one depending on the amount of experience a candidate has and what the company is focussing its marketing efforts on. Some experts have asserted that CMO’s ar enow spending longer working with the IT department than their Chief Technical Officer counterparts so being technically savvy can be more important that having a marketing degree.


6. Human Resources Director

1140000 AED (£253,056)

HR Directors have an extremely varied job. Traditionally it involved mainly overseeing the hiring, paying and monitoring of employee’s days off. But today it is focusing more and more on employee retention and devising strategies to make employees as happy as possible while keeping costs as low as possible. The strategies that HR directors are able to devise are key to helping companies hire and keep the top talent they crave so much.



5. Construction Director

1200000 AED (£266,390)

A crucial cog in the construction machine, the salary for this position reflects its stature and complexity. In essence, a Construction Director oversees most of a construction company’s particular tasks, from time allocation and the management of sub-contractors, all the way to health and safety policy adherence, a Construction Director must ensure that everything is running smoothly. As with most top-level jobs, you should have a graduate level education, a great deal of experience in your chosen field, and expertise in people management, if you are to consider applying for this role.


4. Chief Operating Officer

1,440,00 AED (£319,644)

COO’s are responsible for making sure that the long-term goals and daily operations of the company are achieved as smoothly as possible. This includes a myriad of duties including human resources, finances  and even quality control.

There is no specific degree required to get this job, but a Masters in business Administration will make you a much more desirable candidate as you are effectively the bridge between the executive branch and all other areas of a company.


3. Chief Legal Officer

1,440,000 AED (£319,644)

Much the same as an actuary at an insurance company the Head of Legal is responsible for assessing the legal risks of financial activities and steering the company clear of legal problems. Unlike some senior positions this one requires a law degree and usually only top candidates with a strong work ethic and a lot of experience will get the job.


2. Managing Director

1800000 AED (£399,554)

Obviously, anyone can apply to start a new company and appoint themselves as a director, but the kind of high salary we’re talking here require your directorship to be over a large company. A business related degree and years of management experience will put you in good stead for such a position. While many languages are spoken in Dubai, a grounding in the most widespread, Arabic, would be useful for such a senior position, as it would for any of the other entries on this list.


1. Consultant Doctor

2160000 AED (£479,871)

If you want the best paid job in Dubai; It’s important to ensure that the Dubai Health Authority recognises the qualifications that you hold, especially as, to apply for this role, you’ll need a speciality is cardiology or rheumatology. As a specialist you should also expect prospective employers to want further working evidence of your expertise; so a few years of on the job experience would go a long way!

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This article was originally published in July 2014.