The Unwritten Rules of Office Etiquette

The office can be a complex environment to understand; with a mix of colleague camaraderie, strict protocols and forced good manners, knowing how to walk the walk and talk the talk can be more difficult than anticipated when joining a new office.

Making a good first impression (and keeping it that way) is vital for long-term success in your company. Here are some of the ‘unwritten’ office etiquette rules, which new employees should take into consideration.

#1   Never take someone else’s food from the fridge – a big NO-NO.

#2  Avoid starting up a conversation in the toilet – there are more appropriate times to chat about reports and stats.

#3  Keep your desk clean and tidy up after yourself – it’s an office not your living room.

#4  Keep mobile phones on vibrate or silent – nobody wants to hear your Justin Beiber ring tone.

#5  Don’t stink out the office with potent smelling food – clients don’t want to smell your tuna roll.

#6  Don’t stare at someone’s computer screen while talking to them - it makes you look nosey.

#7  Don’t hover behind someone’s desk – please, this is beyond unnerving!

#8  Smell nice – you don’t want to become known as the ‘smelly colleague’.

#9  Don’t mix work with pleasure – you are walking on dicey ground by dating a co-worker.

#10  Don’t stare at your colleagues – day dreaming is one thing, but staring just freaks people out!

Fitting in to a new office is always daunting and both your nerves and patience may be tested at times, but if you are polite, courteous and helpful where you can be, and avoid idle gossip, you can be sure to make a good impression on your boss and colleagues!