Top 9 Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

If you are a recruiter, you must have realised how difficult it is to find the best candidate for a job. But, that is exactly what applicant tracking systems can help you do.

ATS is an essential recruitment tool, especially for employers who post job adverts online and get a high volume of applications. The software makes easier to sift through the mass of applicants and identify candidates who are more likely to have the right skills, knowledge and experience for the position.

The people who manage to beat candidate tracking systems show that they have identified what is being asked of them in the job description and then incorporate the right keywords into their résumés or applications.

Today, there is a wide variety of applicant tracking software systems that you can check out and compare in terms of price, ratings, industry, size, deployment and platforms they are compatible with. To help you out, we have created a list of the top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems.

9. Job Diva

As a web-based applicant tracking system and sourcing tool, Job Diva offers automated 24/7 resume harvesting that synchronises with many major job boards and vendor management systems. Employers who use it have said it is a tool that’s easy to navigate and can provide a lot of information about a candidate.

8. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is quite popular amongst recruiters, and it is designed to maximise the efficient output of recruitment and staffing agencies. Just like any other ATS, the purpose of Bullhorn is to make the recruitment process easier and more effective. This system allows employers to manage contacts, keep track of candidates and screen out those that don’t match to the employers’ personal preferences.

7. iCIMS

The iCIMS is a Talent Platform Software that operates through a career portal allowing candidates to search for a job in an environment that matches the company brand. It also offers social media distribution, site search engine optimization (SEO) that helps to improve the rankings for advertised job vacancies and eliminates need for third-party job boards.

6. Greenhouse

This ATS aims to make recruiting decisions easier for employers. It uses a range of sources to find the right candidates including job boards, in-person events and other staffing agencies. What’s rather unique about Greenhouse is that it allows employees to help hiring managers with applicant sourcing in the form of referrals, sharing job openings and social media.

5. Clear Company

Clear Company is an ATS that makes the new hire process automated and as such a lot easier. It is a tool that can be useful by HR and recruiting companies. ClearCompany’s software includes features that work well with requisition templates, bulk emails, mobile career sites, referral management and one-click background checks. It also offers the possibility to combine I-9 and E-verify tools that can effectively manage internal tasks and offer letters.

4. Hyrell

Hyrell makes hiring simple through automation. The system helps employers discover, track and follow up with job candidates. It offers position posting, applicant evaluations, applicant communication, reports and analytics. It is a cloud-based system, and as such allows employers to access it from anywhere there is an internet connection. 

3. The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager is popular for its simple to use interface as well as efficiency. TAM – which is another name for it, is another cloud-based system that makes applicant screening easier featuring tools that manage duplicate candidates and keeps track of applicants. What’s good about this system is that it can be configured to match any company’s hiring process regardless of the industry and pushes job postings onto job boards to help them get the most skilled candidates.

2. Workable

Workable is an online recruiting system that most recruiters use to post job openings on sites, organise candidates resumes and keep everything they need in one place. The system replaces email and spreadsheets focusing on receiving and filtering applications as well as scheduling job interviews. It also gives a detailed analysis of the profile of each candidate while automatically compiling applicant applications and social media accounts.

1. Jazz

Jazz is used by over 2,000 companies worldwide. The process it follows is quite simple as it is four steps. It helps businesses get the candidates they need by posting jobs on websites, social media and job boards, then collects candidates’ information and provides detailed reports and analytics that help them get the best talent.

As you can see there are many applicant tracking systems available out there. Becoming more familiar with these as well as what their role is within the recruiting process will definitely help you increase your chances of recruiting the best job candidate to work for your company.

What do you think the best applicant tracking system is? Let us know in the comments section below…