Top 10 Employers in Japan in 2016

Japan is a strange yet wonderful place, it has love of seafood and seafood based erotica. Considered the technological mecca of the post-war world, Japan still is one of the best places to work for tech heads. So, you want to travel to the land of the rising sun, but don’t know where to work? You’re in luck my friendly reader, because this is a list dedicated to the top 10 employers in Japan.

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1. The Car Connection

toyota motors

If it’s one thing that Japan is famous for its ninjas…I mean, samurais…ehm I mean, sushi…uh wood-cut prints? Damn it, okay, Japan is famous for a lot of things, but one of the things that has had massive global appeal has been their affordable and reliable automobiles. Toyota Motor is ranked 1st globally, employs almost 400,000 people and is ranked as the 8th most valuable brand in the world. Not bad.

2. Nippon Telegraph & Tel

Although telegraph sounds a little dated, Nippon Telegraph and Tel is a communications giant that employs almost 300.000 people and is rated 58th on Forbes Global 2000 list. Its business is heavily investing in business services and telecommunication applications. It also has a long history founded in 1952. You don’t see many 62 year old telecommunication companies out there, do you?

3. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial

They always say go where the money is and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial is definitely where is at. With a market cap of $54.8 billion and 66.000 employees the global financial institution deals in both commercial and consumer level financial services and products. Founded in 2002, it has been profitable for most of its existence; how couldn’t it be, it’s a freaking bank after all.

4. Nissan Motor    


Like I said above Japan has some of the most widely known and used automotive industries in the world. Who doesn’t know the big three Japanese companies Toyota, Nissan and Honda? Well, yet again showing up on our list is the car giant Nissan, it employs 150.000 people, is worth a respectable 45.9 billion dollars and made 106.68 billion dollars of profit last year.

5. Honda Motor

Trailing just behind its compatriot, Honda Motor lags nowhere else compared to Nissan. It’s consider the 23 most valuable brand in the world, has made 117 billion dollars in profit last year and currently employs a city’s worth of employees at 200.000. It not only makes cars but it also produces motorcycles and power products (such as gasoline operated generators). Another old veteran of the motor game Honda has been in existence for an astounding 68 years. Oh and more recently, their “sports-car of the skies” has been certified by the FAA.

6. Mitsubishi Corp.

Yes, the last entry on this list is yet another car manufacturer, at least a first impression. Mitsubishi Corp as an extremely diverse portfolio of products ranging from lithium batteries for environmental infrastructure, to automobiles, to energy application of petroleum products, to industrial metals. Actually, their portfolio is so diverse I could never do it justice so, just take a look. The company employs about 70.000 employees and managed 73.4 billion dollars in profit last year; quite a haul. It has not seen an unprofitable year in the last 10 years.


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Are there any other great Japanese employers that I didn’t mention in this list? Let us know in the comment section below.