Top 10 Healthiest Teas to Drink at Work

flowers for tea

A cup of tea always helps in times of stress, worry, or even boredom! This is probably why it (along with coffee) is the most favoured drink by workers. Whether you drink tea at work to calm your nerves, for health reasons, or to simply take a break from your desk for a few minutes, it is important that you are aware of the most beneficial teas to drink.

Here are the top 10 healthiest teas to drink at work...

1. Green Tea


Green tea is widely regarded as one of the healthiest beverages to drink due to its cancer fighting antioxidants, ability to keep gums and teeth disease free, and the fact that it speeds up metabolism. With a grassy taste and green colour, green tea aids with weight loss, diabetes, lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of depression, keeps skin healthy and reduces risk of neurological disorders.

2. Black Tea


Although black tea has the highest caffeine content compared to all other herbal teas, it has many beneficial properties too. Its antioxidants helps prevent against cancer, aids digestive tract health, increases energy and promotes oral health. Black tea is usually favoured above other herbal teas due to its taste and calming effect, and is the most commonly served tea in the USA and UK.

3. White Tea


White tea has become ‘trendy’ in recent years, with many more people drinking it because of its health benefits and uniqueness. Unlike other herbals teas it is uncured and unfermented, and it has powerful cancer fighting properties. Like its name, white tea has a silvery white colour to it once brewed (another appealing factor for some people). White tea is said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and for added effect – it has excellent anti-aging properties.

4. Peppermint Tea


Peppermint tea is a fantastic natural tea with a refreshing mint taste. It is the best tea to relieve stomach cramps, nausea, abdominal gas and bloating. Some people cannot bear the taste of green tea, and white tea has a strong flavor – so peppermint tea is the perfect alternative (it tastes like toothpaste for those of you who have never tried mint leaves before). Other health benefits of drinking peppermint tea include: relief from IBS, helps with cold and flu symptoms, aids indigestion and keeps breathe smelling fresh. For a fresher alternative to herbal tea, just pop in a few sprigs of mint leaves into hot water and brew.

5. Oolong Tea


This semi-fermented tea is not as popular as black, white or green tea, but it is gaining popularity in the USA. Why is it so healthy? Well, research has proven that oolong tea is full of antioxidants that lower bad cholesterol levels, strengthen bones and aid with weight loss (according to research, 3 cups per day equates to a 10% increase in metabolism!) Interestingly, this tea is a dark red colour.

6. Ginger Tea


There are two ways to have ginger tea – either drop a slice of fresh ginger into hot water, or, buy ginger root herbal tea from your local store. Either way – ginger tea is a very healthy drink (often used as a stress relief remedy) so try to have a cup at work every now and again. Ginger tea has a pleasing ‘spicy’ element to it, making it a favourite to cure nausea and relieve muscle tension. It not only helps to improve blood circulation but it is a fantastic anti-inflammatory.

7. Chamomile Tea


Known for its relaxing and calming qualities, chamomile tea may seem like a bad choice to drink at work because it can make you sleepy; but, if you are stressed or anxious about a project, or feeling upset at work, then pour yourself a cup of chamomile and you will feel calmer almost immediately! Sweet in taste and made from flowers, chamomile tea has a number of health benefits, such as helping with insomnia, sore throat, bronchitis, fevers and inflammation of the mouth.

8. Chai Tea


For all you coffee lovers out there – chai tea is considered an excellent alternative! With a far lower level of caffeine yet robustness that can give you a quick energy kick, it can quite easily be substituted in place of your daily coffee drink. What is even more impressive, is that 3 cups of chai tea has less caffeine in them than one cup of coffee – something to think about! Rich in antioxidants, the health benefits of chai tea include its anti-inflammatory properties, and ability to aid the digestive system.

9. Cinnamon Tea


Whether you buy cinnamon teabags or you buy fresh cinnamon and add a few ‘canes’ to a teapot of hot water, you will experience many health benefits. Research has proven that cinnamon increases circulation, increases awareness, and reduces fatigue considerably. According to some, it is also an aphrodisiac! Other benefits of cinnamon tea include its anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties.

10. Raspberry Leaf


Ladies, raspberry tea is a definite ‘must-have’, and I’ll tell you why... it balances hormones, is recommended during pregnancy due to its ability to strengthen the uterus, and help with contractions, AND it is excellent for the skin! A winner in my books! It can be drank hot or cold to suit your preferences.

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