Top 9 Apps All Budding Entrepreneurs Need

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With the number of entrepreneurs in the UK continuing to rise it seemed appropriate to list the top 9 Android or iPhone apps that budding new entrepreneurs should be using. Whether they allow you to access wifi easily, sign documents electronically, improve communication or just to keep track of your new website, this diverse set of tools can be the difference between failure and success.

These are the top 9 apps all budding entrepreneurs or small business owners should download.

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Communicate Remotely

Communication is a key factor for the success of a young business. Due to the dynamic and constantly changing nature of a start-up, being able to have an open line for feedback and advice is extremely important. Today technology not only offers voice messaging but also video chat.

9. UberConference

Whether you are in the office or on-the-go, conference calls are likely to be a daily occurrence – particularly when you are trying to establish a business. UberConference is a free productivity app that allows you to create a secure conference call with multiple people from your contacts list. You can create a group call with up to 17 people, on both iPhone and Android devices. Many additional features come with this app, including the ability to manage conferences, mute and record conversations.

8. Google Duo

This video messaging app is touted by the big G as monstrously secure compared to its competitors (or even its own apps) Hangouts, Skype and Snapchat. It offers features consistent with other video messaging programs but takes a simplified approach for the sake of usability. This is immensely handy especially if you have a team of varying technical know-how and abilities. A unique feature that Duo does offer is called “Knock-Knock” which is essentially a preview of the person’s stream that is calling, which can help you and your team discern if the video call is urgent or just a “touching base” scenario. It works much like Whatsapp (another robust and secure video messaging platform) using existing contacts that already have the app installed on their device. It is available for both Android and iOS, allowing a freedom which programs such as Facetime don’t.

Stay Connected

Connectivity is a huge asset for a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur. The problem is that mobile internet can add cost to the already strained budget of a fledgeling business. This next app will help you not only stay connected but do it for free too.

7. Free Wifi Finder

Being an entrepreneur, you are likely going to be on-the-go at the very least 12 hours a day, and WiFi connectivity is a must. The free WiFi Finder app enables you to locate the nearest WiFi access to you so you can keep plugged in 24/7. With over 145,000 free locations worldwide and the ability to search for WiFi access near you using your iPhone or iPad GPS, it is one of the most helpful and effective apps for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Access Analytics and Website Traffic Remotely

The ability to track customer trends is irrefutably valuable, it keeps your sales and marketing strategies dynamic and gives you practically real time feedback of what works within your target market and what doesn’t. With these useful apps, you can access it anywhere and on any device that has internet access.

6. Ego

All entrepreneurs, especially those starting out, will understand the importance of knowing how well your website and social media pages are performing. The Ego analytics app enables you to monitor your web statistics including the number of daily, hourly and monthly website visits your site receives! By having the ability to monitor and track this information, you can identify trends and understand what works and what doesn’t for your website.

5. Google Analytics

Arguably the granddaddy of analytics, Google Analytics now offers a mobile version for both Android and iOS devices, which makes keeping track of your traffic or latest marketing campaign incredibly easy. This is exponentially useful for new entrepreneurs that might find themselves outside of the office, pitching to investors, trying to network within their industry or meeting new talent.

Sign and Scan Virtually Anywhere

Although we are increasingly moving away from paper in the workplace, we still need hard copies of documents that require your signature. This can be a multi-step process and almost completely impossible without a traditional scanner. Luckily there are mobile specific solutions for this exact problem, designed almost specifically for entrepreneurs.

4. Readdle

It’s one thing to be able to scan and send documents, but what happens when your signature is needed on a legal document or invoice payment while you are out of the office? This is where the Readdle app comes in; it will turn your iPhone into a scanner to allow you to scan documents in PDF format and then gives you the ability to add your signature to them. This is a serious app for the serious entrepreneur; your signature is legally binding and will enable you to carry on business as usual while out the office.

3. Tiny Scanner

Signing documents is a daily occurrence for any entrepreneur; whether you are signing/sending an important business document or invoice, you need to be able to do it when on the move. Tiny Scanner is an app that turns your smartphone into a scanner and notary. You can send documents without the need of a scanner or printer. How you ask? Simply take a photo of the document and the app will turn it into a PDF file! Just about anything can be scanned: receipts, invoices, photos, documents, etc.

Get Projects Done

Use these apps to keep track of the proverbial multiple balls that you have in the air and facilitate communication between all members involved in a project. This avoids lost labour hours due to overlap of tasks or lack of coordination (such as when one task which is reliant on the completion of another one).

2. Trello

One of the great things about Trello is the fact that it's available on numerous platforms including Kindle Fire, Android, iOS and Windows. It works similarly to a cork board; you have a different board for each project, add a list for each process and create cards for each task. You can then move the cards around and even assign co-workers to different cards so that everyone knows what they are supposed to be working on. Although it initially seems very simple and minimalistic, once you start using it, you will find more and more layers of functionality. The only true downfall of Trello might be the lack of chat capabilities.

1. Asana

If you think that a project management app without a chat function is like a bicycle without wheels, then Asana is probably the best solution for you. Unlike Trello and the potential for it devolving into unnecessary complexity (as users can move cards to other boards, change content, etc.), Asana is straight forward, create a project and the items necessary to complete said project. It is essentially a communication app, combined with a project management app. Although you might not know it now, experience will show you that when completing a task, communication is key.

Irrespective of the type of industry you are in, these 9 apps can assist you on a daily basis with tasks that an entrepreneur really cannot afford to avoid just because they are out of the office. These apps will not only assist you when conducting day to day activities but are extremely helpful for the continued survival and growth of your small business.

What apps do you think would be helpful for a budding entrepreneur? Leave your comments below!