Want to Have an Office Affair? This is Why You Should!

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We spend a majority of our time at work. Think about it. From 9 to 5 (or 8-5 for you unlucky bastards) we’re working. Out of your 24-hour day, assuming you sleep around the recommended 8 hours, you’re working an estimated 8 hours. If you work in the service industry, either bartending or waiting tables, you know you can often spend 12 or more hours at work. It’s a brutal cycle for most of us.

So how’s a girl (or guy) supposed to find a date?! When, in those remaining few hours, are you supposed to find time to get ready to go out, actually go, and meet someone? Everybody knows the bar scene is so not for relationships, although I’m not saying that it doesn’t ever happen. So it’s only logical that you would end up being interested in someone you spend the majority of your day with. This issue becomes even more evident as office romances become less and less taboo. Have you always wanted to have an office affair? Well, this is why you should!

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1. Do Not Press the Red Button

You know that the minute someone tells you not to do something, it is almost instinct for you to do exactly that. It’s like when you are finally in a relationship; that’s when all these other people come out of nowhere confessing that they have feelings for you and have for a while. It’s because you are, at that point, unattainable. Or, when you were a child riding in the back seat with your sibling, after your mom told you to stop poking them, but you are only almost poking them saying, “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.” You just want to do it, even if you didn’t at first. This is a big reason why you should have an office affair.

2. Convenience

As previously mentioned, the majority of working adults spend a large amount of their lifetime at work. Most people who have other responsibilities outside of work just don’t have the time to go out and meet people. If you live in an active city, there might be certain groups you can reach out to, or even try an online dating site. But how easy is it to just meet someone where you are already spending most of your time anyway? Company outing? Well, there’s a date night for you!

It is also convenient to have someone to vent to who knows exactly what you are going through. Have you ever gone out with a group of friends who all work together, except for you? All they do is talk about work and how so-and-so sucks and they all hate their boss, and you have no clue what they’re talking about. When you date someone you work with, they know exactly who and what you’re talking about, and can get on your level when needing to brainstorm ideas, or help you figure out how to ask for a promotion from a specific boss.

3. Promotions With Office Affairs

Speaking of promotions…Let’s be honest, the idea of a promotion doesn’t hurt, especially if you can have fun while making it happen. If you really like the person you’re hooking up with at the office, then use it to your advantage. I’m not saying that you should necessarily prostitute yourself out that way, but if you had a great idea or snagged a great client, now is the perfect time to speak up about it. Another bonus: you’ll have more fun celebrating it in secret later, outside of the office!

4. Secrets are Sexy

Secrets are always fun, and sometimes even sexy. It’s such a rush to have a secret that you can’t even tell even your work best friend because if word got out, you and your crush could both lose your jobs. It’s so fun to hold something in, wanting to tell everyone but not being able to. It’s exciting, and many people like the feeling of control they get by keeping secrets. To many, especially in this position at work, it’s even a sexual turn-on to keep such secrets.

5. Support From Office Affairs

It’s always nice to feel supported in what you’re doing. While your friends and family, presumably, all support your hard work; it’s nice to have someone around who can see exactly how hard you are working. They can see the long hours you put in at the office, and physically be there to remind you why you are working so hard. Pat you on the back when you’ve made a great accomplishment, and be there for you when you got looked over for a promotion or position. It’s also great to know that you’ve got someone on your side at work. Often, the competition can be so fierce in an office, for opening positions and specific duties, that it’s comforting to know you’ve got someone looking out for you.

6. Flirting at Work is Hot

Going along with the whole secret aspect of a work affair, flirting with each other is even hotter when it’s done in secret. When you and your coworkers are joking around in the break room, and your office fling “accidently brushes your arm,” it seems innocent enough to everyone else. But you know exactly what it meant, and it just makes you desire them even more. When they make an inside joke that only the two of you would get, it makes the workday go by quicker and makes it more fun. Flirting at work in secret is like a game that everyone is playing but only the two of you know how to win.

7. The Building of Sexual Tension Makes for Great Sex

When the person you’re having the office affair with is walking passed you and you steal a glance, and he catches you because he was also stealing a glance, you get those giddy butterflies in your stomach and you instantly just want that person. How hot is that? You have to work together without ripping each other’s clothes off (which is super hard,) even though it’s all you can think about doing. You go all day seeing this person without so much as a kiss, a hug, or any sort of physical attention. That sexual tension has been building all day which means when you are finally able to see each other; it will be a sweet, sweet release.

8. Sexy Time at the Office

Let’s say that you actually do indulge in a little sexy time at the office. That is a fantasy scenario for many people, and you’re living it! Not to mention the thrill of getting caught just makes it that much more fun. Haven’t you ever seen Greys Anatomy? Don’t you know what the break room is really for? (I know they used their "on call" rooms, but it still counts.)

9. You Might Find the Love of Your Life/Partner in Crime

Many marriages are the result of an office affair. You end up spending so much time with those people; it only stands to reason that you’d eventually like one of them enough to keep around for a while. The people you work with (especially if you’ve worked for the company for quite a while) get to see the real you. You may not think so, but they do. They get to know who you are when you’re having a bad day, and who you are when you’re having a great day. They get to see how you treat people who work below you and above you. They get to see you when you’re sick because you still came to work anyway (who has time to go to the doctor?!). This gives your office crush a chance to get to see the real you and fall head-over-heels in love with you!

Some office affairs are only that, a fleeting affair that you hopefully learned something from, and sometimes they end up being much more serious. Often, couples that meet at work and date end up marrying. According to the Wall Street Journal, 80% of Americans under the age for 45 believe that they have a soul mate out there somewhere. It stands to reason that you’d find them at the one place that you spend the majority of your time. So why not give the office affair a shot?

Have you had an office affair? Was it just a fling or the real thing? Tell us about it below!




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