Why You Should Mix Business With Pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure can open your eyes to new things. Like a child racing down the stairs on Christmas morning to see what presents Santa delivered. Except, you’re a child in a big person’s body, ready to embrace all the things that life has to offer —including that sexy intern you’ve had your eye on for the last three weeks! Ok, but make sure she’s over 18! You don’t want this trip down pleasure lane to end in an unpleasurable experience in a jail cell. Now, if you manage to avoid that trip to jail, by mixing business with pleasure you’ll discover your passions and learn how to cultivate better relationships. All the while, relaxing and having fun. Success will become your best friend.

Now, before you get too excited, we’re not advocating the implementation of orgies in the workplace or for you to start hitting on every sexy client that you meet for lunch. There’s always a fine line to walk between mixing business with pleasure. If you work in the adult film industry, maybe every day is a sexy party on the set, but we won’t be the judge of that. However, if you’re trying to actually get work done in the professional business world, you need to finesse your cocktail for success. There are three reasons why you should find the perfect blend of mixing business with pleasure.

1. You Discover Your Passions

We’re all passionate people, even if the only thing that gets you excited is watching paint dry. Hey, if that’s your ideal Friday night, go you! Personally, watching paint dry would push my mind over the edge into a catatonic state. I’d be too under-stimulated to notice anything!

Mixing business with pleasure creates the perfect opportunity to discover your passions. Going on a golf outing with a client will show you if you have a gift for the game. So maybe you ended up knocking your client out on your first swing. If you survive him regaining consciousness —and not firing you on the spot— you’d be better off as the caddy and sticking to driving the cart! Having lunch with colleagues while sampling exotic cuisine at a Thai restaurant may help you to discover your more adventurous side. Maybe you are truly a passionate foodie and will start the next internet sensation food blog. Or, it can result in you spending quality time in the restroom while you make a mental note to stick to burgers and fries next time.

You may have asked your boss to start a Saturday excursion day for employees. In the process, you discovered that you actually crave adventure and are an adrenaline junky. Ok, so maybe that is going too far. Aside from nearly peeing in your pants, and hyperventilating once you got to the top of the rock wall in the indoor climbing gym, you conquered your fear of heights and are ready for your next adventure. Just maybe one that doesn’t involve scaling the 50ft lead wall! Don’t worry. Planning a revenge scheme on your colleague for daring you to climb that high can be considered mixing business with pleasure.

2. You Cultivate Better Relationships

The Affair

No doubt about it, mixing business with pleasure cultivates better relationships. Your endeavor might work so well that you actually get bombarded with too much information. You’ll begin wondering about the sanity of your colleagues or clients. Yet, that’s ok. Mixing business with pleasure is all about connecting with people and digging deeper to get to the sweet spot. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter —we weren’t going there! That type of connection may be pleasurable, but definitely isn’t professional.

Enjoy spending time with clients during Happy Hour. You have the perfect opportunity to break down walls and get to know these individuals better. However, you may regret mixing business with pleasure if you find yourself holding your client’s hair back from her face while she barfs into the alley outside the bar. Not exactly the most pleasant way to end your evening. Hopefully, that’s not how your cocktail of business and pleasure turns out.

Spending time with your boss and colleagues at the company retreat can be very enlightening. Not only will you get to know your boss better while taking a hot yoga class together, you may need to take mental shock therapy to get over the view. Of course, if you have a sexy boss, you won’t want to erase those memories from your mind! Those should be cherished and replayed over and over again.

3. You'll Have Fun and Be Successful

Probably the best reason to mix business with pleasure is that you get to relax and fun. Who doesn’t want to do that? Unless you’re brain dead and hooked up to life support, there has to be one small part of yourself that has been jonesing for a fun fix. Working all day without any playtime can make for a very dull day. You don’t have to live by the adage that when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Pleasure should be part of your day even when the boss is around. Hey, get him to join the party too. Ok, so if you’re working for Mr. Scrooge, then maybe you need to get all the mice to play only when he’s away. Yet, if he’s open to the possibilities, work your magic.

Convince your boss that allowing the workplace to be a satisfying cocktail of business and pleasure will be beneficial to everyone because you’ll all have more fun. Happy people get more work done. They are relaxed and able to let off steam —in an appropriate manner, of course. These happy people are then able to become more successful. Whether you work for a boss or are your own master, mixing business with pleasure will increase your chances of success.

Ok, just so we’re clear, the happy and relaxed factor should not encompass your entire professional life. Being so happy because you’re high on drugs may be pleasurable while you’re hallucinating —and even starting to fantasize about making out with tight-lipped and high-strung Jane down in HR— but it will become a toxic cocktail. Your plan of mixing business with pleasure will backfire in a real way. You may still be high and in pleasure mode while your boss kicks your sorry behind out of the office, but soon you’ll come down. Then you’ll realize the error of your ways.

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Don’t be afraid to mix business with pleasure. Just remember to steer clear of making out with underaged interns, even if you think they’ll rock your world. Try to avoid clubbing your client in the head with a golf club during that golf game. Don’t go overboard and get high on drugs while trying to mix business with pleasure.

Embrace all the positive possibilities of discovering your passions. Who knows, one of those passions may be that you drank the cocktail of business and pleasure and started a hot office romance. You’re definitely cultivating a deeper relationship with that colleague! Drinking the cocktail will help you enjoy working as a professional. You won’t get so stressed out as your tight-lipped and high-strung colleagues who don’t even know how to crack a smile or get excited about anything. Become an imbiber of the cocktail of business and pleasure and savor the fruit of your successes.

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20 percent discount

Do you mix business with pleasure? Why do you think you should drink the cocktail?