How to Write an Effective Reaction Survey to Better Understand Your Employees’ Feedback


An employee is one of your most valuable resources to your business. If these individuals feel undervalued and not important, they will not be working to their fullest potential in the workplace. When your team members are valued and enjoying their daily jobs, the workplace atmosphere will be positive and contagious. One way that you can ensure that your employees are satisfied in their employment is to utilize reaction surveys. This article will discuss how to write an effective reaction survey to better understand your employees’ feedback.

Types of Reaction Surveys

There are four basic types of reaction surveys that an employer may want to create for implementation in the workplace.

  • Evaluations – Employees can complete reaction surveys evaluating their work performance, the efficiency of the company, the compatibility of employee teams, and evaluations of management.
  • Benefits – A second type of reaction survey can be for employees to evaluate their satisfaction level regarding benefits and perks that the company offers them.
  • Atmosphere – A positive atmosphere in the workplace is a key factor to increasing productivity among your employees. This type of reaction survey will evaluate whether or not the employees are generally satisfied with the mood and morale in the workplace.
  • Exiting – This fourth type of reaction survey would be utilized when an employer wanted to ascertain why an employee resigned. Creating a detailed survey can provide the employer with vital information regarding the company’s various policies and environment.

Steps on How to Write Effective Reaction Surveys

Writing an effective reaction survey begins with having a clear focus. You cannot simply whip up a survey and ask your employees to complete it and expect to have successful results. Your questions must have a point and the feedback you receive should be able to positively impact your business for future growth. The questions need to be specifically designed for your employees and business operation. When creating the reaction survey, ask yourself the following questions. Your answers will help you to create the types of questions that you need to ask in the survey. Those survey questions will generate the kind of feedback and ideas you need to receive in order to address the questions below.

  • What problem areas do you see in the business operation?
  • Can your employees improve in their productivity level?
  • How well does your management team do their job?
  • What are the overall goals of your business for the next few years?

1. Evaluations

For these types of reaction surveys, you must ask questions which can cultivate honest conversation between you and your employees. For example, one question you might ask is, Are you receiving effective training from management? Another question pertains to employee performance: How well do you feel that you accomplish your daily tasks? Write surveys with questions that are detailed and seek honest answers from employees.

2. Benefits

This type of reaction survey is important when you want to evaluate whether or not your employees are satisfied with company benefits and perks. This is where you ask questions like Do you feel that the management’s policy on personal days is fair? Also, ask questions regarding employee satisfaction with the benefits plan that you offer.

3. Atmosphere

The purpose of the atmosphere reaction survey is to ascertain whether or not your workplace environment is positive and energizing for your employees. When an employer can make small changes, it can make a huge difference in cultivating a positive and productive environment. You can write questions such as, Do you often feel stressed in your daily job tasks? Additionally, you can ask whether or not the employee feels connected or disconnected to the management and fellow employees.

4. Exiting

Employees who leave your employment can provide valuable information which can help you improve the workplace environment. In addition to the basic question of Why are you leaving our employment, you should dig deeper. Ask whether or not the employee felt that he or she had room to grow as a professional in your company.

Reaction Survey Templates

There are online resources available where employers can find various reaction survey templates for implementation into the workplace. A couple of those resources are listed below:

  • SurveyMonkey offers both a free basic option as well as a pro feature where users can create surveys and analyze the data.
  • CustomInsight allows users to evaluate reactions from employees regarding individual and team performance. A dashboard is provided to analyze results and identify areas that need improvement in the workplace.

When creating your next employee reaction survey, it is important to have a clear focus on your goals for which of the four types of surveys you are writing. Remember to ask the types of questions that will generate the feedback that you need to improve and become more productive in your business.




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