Your Company Can Benefit From Whatsapp

Your Company Can Benefit From Whatsapp

A few days ago, I received a message from my former gym inviting me to try out a new product via sms. I immediately thought to myself why doesn’t this gym use Whatsapp? It’s free, and most importantly the customer can interact in real time with the business establishment.

Marketing tool

Whatsapp can be a valuable tool for companies. It can be used to market products and services, interact with customers, promote deals and close sales. Many small and medium-sized companies are enriching user experience and effectively engaging with their customers to increase visibility across a wider audience. Once you have your customers contact information you can use Whatsapp to create a mobile promotion to target your loyal customers. Unlike traditional marketing efforts and tech support, with Whatsapp you can offer instant customer service and in a one to one basis giving it a personal touch that puts you on top of your competition.

Optimize Customer Service

Coincidentally enough, a few days ago I read that India was the fastest growing mobile market with 900 million subscribers, and we can actually learn a thing or two from their strategy. Small businesses in India are using Facebook jointly with Whatsapp to integrate their marketing strategy and reach a broader audience and reply to questions from potential customers in real time. This powerful platform allows you to connect with your potential customers and maximize conversion rates by leveraging the power of the smartphone.

You can unlock the power of viral publicity and engage directly with potential customers. You can also use Facebook to help you promote updated information about sales, and limited time special offers. The potential is so high that several technology startups have started to build business solutions on WhatsApp's simple messaging platform. Many advertising agencies are said to be using this type of solution in order to be able to do bulk-messaging.

Team Building

Another innovative way to use Whatsapp in your company is to build communication with your team. You can use Whatsapp to send motivational messages to your team first thing in the morning, or send out a group update about the status of a project. The communication is instant. You can discuss issues and solutions in real time instead of waiting for someone to check their email inbox.

Maximize Mobile CRM

Last but not least-- It is a very convenient marketing tool and it’s free. You can enhance the features of Mobile CRM by closely tracking opportunities, collaborate with team members to close deals quickly, exchange important information such as pricing, customer requirements and other insights for effective lead management and conversion. You can probably close a deal quicker than by sending an old fashion sms message like the one I got from my former gym. Whatsapp can be a powerful marketing tool if you are creative and take advantage of this free platform.

Downside of Whatsapp

There are some downsides to consider. You can only use Whatsapp if you have a data plan or have a wifi connection/access. Also, you might want to keep in mind that Whatsapp is now owned by Facebook. If you are not a fan of Facebook this may be a hindering factor, and you may want to weigh your options before starting to use whatsapp as a marketing tool.

In conclusion-- Whatsapp can be used to help create and promote new business. It can be used as a creative marketing tool not only to keep in touch with your friends. Have you used Whatsapp to market your business? If so, let us tell us your experience.