10 Reasons Why Your Career Defines You

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How do you define who you are? When you are creating your bio on Twitter or Instagram, what do you write? How about when you are creating a dating profile (which I’m sure many of us have done), how do you want people to perceive you?

Some people use their hobbies to communicate who they are, listing activities such as playing basketball, cooking gourmet meals, or sweating their butts off at the gym. Others take pride in their physical characteristics, noting how incredibly tall they are, their ethnicity, and sometimes their abnormal features. Song lyrics and quotes have even been used to get a sense of who a person is. Although these topics are definitely meaningful and provide insight into a person’s life, their career is what truly defines who they are. You can interpret so much by knowing how someone makes a living. Your career makes a bigger first impression than your appearance does. Here are six reasons why your career defines you.

1. It’s where you spend most of your time

Most jobs are eight hour jobs. If you are really committed or the job demanded it, you spend more time than that working and getting your assignments done. You love going above and beyond. You spend long hours in the office till dark or bring all of your work home with you. Either way, you are spending your entire day, and night, focused on continuing the development of your career and the growth of your company. The first one at the office and the last one to leave.

Your weekend may even be filled with work task. You spend less time participating in activities with your close friends or reading your favorite book, but you are completely okay with that because you enjoy your job. Your career is your life, which defines who you are.

2. It’s where you make a living

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The entire world revolves around money. In case you haven’t heard, nothing is free. Your job supports your lifestyle. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to eat your favorite foods, sleep on your comfortable bed, or travel to the most exotic places. Your career is essentially your life line. If you lost it, your entire world would come crashing down. The power your career has over you, makes it stand at the top of the list of things that define who you are.

3. You chose it

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This may not be true for everyone, but you chose your career. Your motivations to choose that career path may not have been the best, but you decided that this is what you wanted to do to make money. There are probably other jobs you could get, that are on the same level as the one you have, but you stick with your current job. We all have free will and you willed yourself to be content with the job you chose.

4. You continue your education

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To gain entry into the career you wanted, you went to college and furthered your education. Out of all the majors at your school, you chose that specific one that led you to where you are now. It took planning and hard work to make it through school, which means you really wanted it. You have a passion for your field and studied tirelessly to learn more about it.  Your career defined you before you even had it. It was a motivator prior to achieving your role.

5. The title is significant

When people ask you what you do for a living, you gladly tell them with pride. You may not be the CEO or Founder but you let them know that you are a valued player at the company. Your title gives you a sense of purpose and you love to flaunt it. You post your title on every personal and professional social media profile, dating profile, and ‘tell me about yourself’ form. You want people to know what you do and that you are good at it. Your title is empowering and gives you a boost of confidence when meeting new people. You try very hard not to scream it at them but you are just so damn proud.

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6. It helps others figure you out

People tend to get a sense of who a person is just by knowing what their job is. Their presumptions may not be 100% accurate, but they come pretty close. Your career gives others a peek into who you are, what your aspirations are, how smart you are, and how much money you make. I’m not saying that people know you inside and out, but people get a general picture of how to interact with you based on your career. I’m sure we have all judged someone based on their job title, and I’m sure you weren’t that far off.

7. You pick your job over everything else

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There is someone out there that you have rejected because you wanted, or had to work. You are missing out on possibly meeting the love of your life because you are currently in love with your job. You and your friends are not as close as you used to be because you choose to work every weekend. Your job is at the top of the pyramid and everything else is down below. Well, this is a major sign that your career seriously defines who you are.

8. More than half of your closet is your work clothes

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There is nothing wrong with looking good at work but what about the times you are not at work? What about your casual wear or party clothes? You probably wear your work outfits to all of your occasions. You should probably stop because some people would say that it is a bit weird. But you embrace your career persona and clothing attire and wear them every chance you get.

9. Your career makes you happy

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Hopefully, you love your job and you enjoy going to work every day. Work isn’t really ‘work’ to you; it is more like a fun hobby. You laugh a bit and dance a lot in the office, but you still get your job done. Because your career is more like a hobby, you love telling people what you do for a living. Hobbies always help people define who they are.

10. You’ve found lifelong friends

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Throughout the jobs I’ve had, I have met some of the best people. They turned into some of my best friends. They made work so much more enjoyable and I wish I could take them with me to every job I have. If you know that feeling, then you know the value of having great friends at work. They say that you are the company you keep, which I interpret as the friends you make at work, shape you into the person you are.

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Some people may disagree with the statement that your career defines who you are. But I truly believe people that statement is true. The power and influence your job has on you is inevitable. You can never stray too far away from your job and it will always be on your mind. You’ve studied for it, you’ve spent a great deal of time working, and you have created a work family that will last lifetime. Your career is an essential part of your life.

Do you take pride in your job? Do you list your title in all of your ‘about me’ sections? Does your career define you? Let us know in the comments section below.