10 Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills

If you regularly deal with writing whether you are a current student, a graduate or a freelancer, you need to be able to express your thoughts on paper accurately and directly to the needs of your audience. Here is a list of ten resources you can use to improve your writing skills. The list is in no particular order, as all the resources are different, which makes them difficult to rank fairly. All of the websites have at least a little free advice on how to improve your writing to succeed.

1. Info Please – A guide to writing skills

This is a website that looks as if it has aspirations of becoming Wikipedia’s competitor. There is a writing section on the website that features advice and tips on writing skills and ways to write essays. It is for people who are working on lower-level English papers, or for people who have just learnt the English language and now want to start writing a little more accurately. It is probably one of the easiest website to understand of all the ones listed here.

2. Using English - A place for people with English as their second language

This is a website that allows you to test your English skills if you have just learnt the language. You will need to sign up in order to use the website, but if you really want to improve your English writing skills, then it’s worth signing up once and having the opportunity to use website fully instead. The English reference section is the redeeming feature of this website and is probably the best reason to visit it (even if English is your native language).

3. Guide to grammar and writing - A big collection of advice

This is a website that was created by the Capital Community College Foundation of Hartford Connecticut and suggests some very good advice on improving your writing skills. The only problem is that the website looks outdated, and it is difficult to navigate when compared with more modern websites. If you are willing to dig around and do a lot of reading, then the website is very knowledgeable and may help you a lot.

4. Essay Mama Writing Guide - Advice from writing experts

Who knows how to improve your writing skills better than people that write essays for a living? They are the ones that created the guide and they are open to share their knowledge with students, graduates and young writers for free. The top-notch essay writing guide has fairly easy structure and tells how to write your essay or any other similar writing step by step. 

5. Grammar Monster - A list of grammar rules

There are a lot of rules when it comes to English grammar, and this website has attempted to address them with lists of rules set out in categories. If you want to improve your writing a little bit at a time, then working through the many categories on this website will help you enormously. The website has made the learning process easier, and if you have struggled to improve your writing skills with other websites and services and failed, then try this one, because its different approach may be just what you need.

6. Oxford Dictionaries - An unusual blog

This is a blog that is unusually constructed in order to make it current and appealing to the viewer. It is not an online resource in the same way that many other dictionary sites are. It is more like a trending and news blog where it gives you such information as the most popular words in the US, or the twelve words of the season, or the word of the day. You can still use it as a spelling resource, but they have worked hard to make it more than that.

7. Learning path - An English courses directory

This is the most expensive website on the list. It has its own set of information around the subject of English, but most of the website is based on linking to other websites that teach you about enough. Go down the list and find the resource that you think suits your needs and click on it. By clicking, you are taken to a learning course or a static website. If you are taken to a static website, then you are lucky enough to get some free information. If you are taken to a learning course, then in some cases you may be asked to pay.

8. Positive writer – Encouraging writer’s blog

Positive writer is a blog created by a writer called Bryan Hutchinson. He does know language and grammar well, he also knows how to write well and aims to help young writers improve their writing skills. All articles you can find on this blog are written in the form of tips, pieces of advice or just encouraging stories. If you want to get practical piece of advice then you should definitely visit this blog.

9. Write to Done - A collection of writing articles

This is a website that has fairly useful articles about English language and writing. The editor of the website believes that everyone can learn to write well and she aims to share her knowledge with young writers and to prove her belief. If you want to improve your general writing skills, whether you write a novel, a blog post or your essay you should visit this website and maybe you will find the inspiration you have been looking for.

10. Writer’s Digest - A mix of pieces of advice you can use

The website will help you find some high quality and free writing resources that can help you improve your writing as a whole. So just spend a little bit more time and you will get useful and informative writing tips for yourself instead.


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