3 Major Signs and Remedies of Burnout In the Health & Wellness Industry


You like helping people and you love staying fit and advising people on how to better take care of themselves. Be it yoga, nutrition, therapy or coaching, even the health and wellness jobs are prone to profession burnout!

You like to bring your clients closer to a healthy lifestyle but little did you know that your full-time job would once take its toll on your own health. This is your passion but you feel something is amiss. You do not feel like giving it more time, love or care as much as you used to do earlier.

How do you re-ignite the spark and once again, feel passionate about what you do?

Here are three ways you can do so.

Sign # 1: You are Barely Making Profits

You stepped into this profession only because of your love for a fit and healthy lifestyle and you really like helping others too. But let’s face it. You are investing time, energy and efforts into this and if you charge too low an hourly rate, your rents aren’t going to pay for themselves. 

Although you enjoy this work and may not be in it just to make money, you will soon feel anxious if your low-paying work does not leave you enough time and energy to rest or relax.

Remedy: Charge Higher Prices

Every relation is based on the principle of give and take. You need to first take care of yourself to be able to take care of the people you love. If your financial or personal needs are not met, you might have to give up the work that you are passionate about.

Sign # 2: You are Over-Committed

As a health and wellness professional, you will be surrounded by people who will look up to you for advice and emotional support, many times.  You might be the only one who can help them out and counsel them.

BUT….this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal time and be readily available for them every hour of every day.

Remedy:  Set Clear Time Expectations

Your work should be like any other job with pre-scheduled hours. Set your boundaries and let your clients know what times they can contact you, if any, besides the regular sessions.

Once you do, do not go back over your word or over-commit.

Sign # 3: You Are Not Making Optimal Use of Your Sessions

You may be taking group aerobics classes but you find it difficult to devote individual attention to all and the classes are becoming time and energy consuming. You feel one-to-one sessions may be much simpler.

Or maybe you are conducting one-to-one yoga sessions but you feel it would be a better idea if you could reach out to many of your clients at the same time.

Remedy: Do What Suits You the Best

Figure out what you want from your classes. Format your class/session according to your interest, time and availability. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Your work will be more enjoyable if your heart is in it. Do it the way you want and get that professional spark back!




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