5 Reasons Why Arriving 15 Minutes Early to Work Will Make You More Productive

Being punctual is important, but being early can help you boost your professional reputation and work ethic. Here are five reasons how!

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If you are constantly rushing in to the office each morning like a tornado spinning out of control, you may want to reconsider your morning routine so that you can arrive earlier. Even adding only 15 minutes to your pre-work day prep time at your desk can set you up for a more productive and successful day. You may not be a morning person and those 15 minutes can seem like a waste, which you’d rather use up by getting a few extra minutes of sleep. However, those 15 minutes are powerful and will serve you better when spent in preparation for your day in the office. This article will address why arriving 15 minutes early to work will make you more productive.

1. Already on the mark

As the phrase used to call competitors to the starting point of a race says on your mark, get set, go, you can think in that same mind frame with regard to starting your day 15 minutes early. When you arrive to the office early, you will have ample time to get settled at your desk and make the all too important stop at the break room to get coffee to be caffeinated for the morning. Arriving early allows you to stop by and chat with other office early birds so you can get all the morning chitchat out of the way. You have the chance to get your workstation all fired up and ready to go so that when you get that first call at 9 am, you’re not mumbling under your breath that you have a slow computer that is taking so long to turn on. Starting 15 minutes early gives you the perfect opportunity to be on your mark and ready to go as soon as the work day starts.

2. In the morning zone

Another reason to arrive 15 minutes early to work is that you have the perfect opportunity to be in the morning zone where productivity reigns. Unless you are working in an office where everyone has the same idea as you, most people are running in like madmen to get to their workstations on time. Be one of the few who think ahead and focus on the best way to increase productivity on a daily basis. One of the ways to do that is by arriving 15 minutes early to actually get a head start on work. Now, this reason is not for the faint of heart or slacker, who would never think of starting work before the actual start time. However, if you think strategically, you will have some extra time in the morning while it’s still calm and serene to catch up on work from the day before or get a head start on one of your priority tasks. Taking this initiative will help you to be more productive during the day and get ahead in the game.

3. Creating your action plan

Those who want to be successful and productive in the workplace know that having an action plan and sticking to it will open up avenues for accomplishing goals. Another reason to arrive to work 15 minutes early is so you can create your action plan for the day and ensure you are focusing on the right priorities. You may have made a to do list the night before leaving work. However, when you come in early, you have the chance to quickly review the list to make certain you are on task with accomplishing specifically what you need to get done that morning. Embrace the serenity of the moment to open up your eyes to see how you can arrange your day to be the most productive. If this process begins once the work day starts, you’ve already lost some of your actual workday by having to plan when you should be starting work. Take the initiative to succeed seriously and arrive to work 15 minutes early each day to plan out your strategy.

4. Embracing organisational power

When you arrive 15 minutes early to work, you can embrace the organizational power of your day and that is another great reason for making an effort to get to work before starting time. Allowing yourself to have an organized start to your day, with a sense of serenity at the center of it all, will enable you to face the day with a positive mindset and strong motivation to succeed in completing your work tasks. Starting the day early allows you to be in control of your day, rather than the day controlling you. When you control your day, you drastically increase your chances of success. When your day controls you because you are rushing in to work, unorganized and chaotic, you will find yourself stressed out and not as successful as you could have been.

5. Evidence is on your side

The final reason that you should arrive to work 15 minutes early is that you will be building a track record of excellence. The evidence will be on your side when you go in for your year-end review. Your manager may not notice the first time or second time that you come in early. However, when you consistently come in early -simply for the sake of creating the perfect circumstances for a successful day- it will soon become evident to the management that you are a star player who is on the rise. You won’t need to promote yourself or constantly tell everyone that you are coming in early. Just do it, keep your mind focused on completing excellent work each day and the people who need to know, will notice when the time is right.

Do you see the value in arriving to work 15 minutes early? Have you been arriving early each day to get a good start on your own work day?