7 Secrets to Longevity

Fancy living to the age of 117? You’re in luck: read on for seven secrets to a long, long life…

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1. Drink Barrels of Dr Pepper

Elizabeth Sullivan is a sprightly, Texan woman aged 104 who still lives on her own (at the time of writing) and who believes that the key to her long life is drinking three cans of Dr Pepper daily. She has followed this diet for a staggering 40 years, in spite of warnings from doctors who she claims have warned her off the popular drink.

Dr Pepper CEO Larry Young was apparently so taken by his brand evangelist  that he sent her an enormous birthday cake shaped like a can of Dr Pepper. Awww.


2. Eat Raw Eggs

Emma Moranno is an Italian, 115-year-old woman who has discovered the secret to long life: raw eggs. A true feminist, Moranno did not remarry after the death of her first husband because she “didn’t want to be dominated by anyone”. Genetics also appear to have played their part: two of her sisters were also centenarians.

3. Eat Porridge

Centenarian Jessie Gallan, 109, swears by long-life boosting benefits of porridge. She also has another little secret: steering well clear of men of whom she says, “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

4. Live Wild

tattoo girl

A very different prescription for long life is offered by the now deceased WW1 veteran Henry Allingham. For Allingham, the secret of longevity was “cigarettes, whisky, and wild, wild women” in  addition to a “sense of humour”. He died at the age of 113.

5. Look After Your Body

Author Bernando LaPallo of Mesa, 113, credits his longevity to a number of things. First,  olive oil massages. LaPallo bathes and massages his feet in olive oil every day, a ritual he “cannot live without”. He also testifies to the benefits of eating well, particularly foods such as “garlic, nuts, green vegetables, fruit, dark chocolate, cinnamon and honey.” Raw food is key, and LaPallo claims to have “never been sick” in his life. Finally the vivacious LaPallo testifies to the benefits of  living life "in moderation".

6. Be Good

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Centenarian Gladys Hooper is 112. As reported by the Mirror, Hooper has “always lived a straight life, never done stupid things.” She also credits her longevity to keeping busy and active.

7. There’s No Secret

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Japan has the most centenarians in the world and, until her passing last month, it boasted the world’s oldest supercentenarian, Misao Okawa. Okawa claimed to have no idea why she had lived so long (117 years old at the time of ther death): “I wonder about that”, she said.


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Feeling encouraged? Or have I confused you even more about the secret to living a long life? If you know of any other remedies for longevity, please add them to the comments below.