8 Amazing Things That Will Happen if Your Write Every Day

Writing has many hidden benefits. As an art form, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself and have your say in a very distinctive way. Whenever you write something down, either to tell a story or even record your thoughts, you are essentially sharing yourself with the world, and that is one of the most wonderful things you can do.

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However, the perks don’t stop there. Apart from opening your mind to a whole set of new experiences, writing can also help you develop a range of skills that are essential to your success in life.

#1 You Will Find Your Inspiration

The more you read and write, the more you will be exposed to new ideas. Having creativity is important if you want to produce quality work, and writing every day will help you get past ‘writer’s block’ – the feeling that you get when the words just won’t come out. So, even if your mind is stuck, forcing yourself to write a few words here and there will help you get back your inspiration.

#2 You Will Meet More People

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are wondering what this has to do with you writing every day, but it actually make sense. If you write one or two sentences every day not only will you improve your writing skills but you will also become more self-conscious and aware of your personal development. Since the internet is the best source of information, you are more likely to read other people’s work and reach out to them. You also might want to join a writers community and exchange writing tips.

#3 You Will Read More

Once you begin writing, you will catch yourself reading more books, articles and blogs every day. In fact, you will begin to do it without realising it, and soon reading and writing will come more naturally to you and begin to feel like less of a chore.

#4 You Will be More Organised

Writing can make you more organised. After you spend some time writing every day, you may start feeling the need to schedule your own writing time. Since this is something that you enjoy, it will be a priority and come first on your to-do list. This is a good thing as it will help you find the right time to do some work and then fit all of your other responsibilities around it.

 #5 You Will Find Opportunities to Write

When you start writing every day, the task will become a part of your routine and you who are. It means that whenever you skip a day, you will feel the need to write more. And this kind of deprivation will get more intense as time goes by and you will end up finding more excuses to write. This is similar to being a gym addict and not exercising for a day. It makes you want to exercise more the next day.

#6 You Will Improve Your Vocabulary

The most effective way to increase your vocabulary is to write. Not only you will get to brainstorm new words and catchy phrases but you also get to use them in your writing. Whenever you write, you will get to learn more powerful words from your best friend - the thesaurus that will make your work more stimulating.

#7 You Will Become More Eloquent

The way you write influences how you speak. It is easier to remember something if you write it, so you are more likely to use it when you speak and socialise. Coming up with different ways to enhance your writing will help you improve your vocabulary and as such will make you more eloquent. This could also make you seem more professional to other people you come in contact with.

#8 You Will Reconsider Your Career

Writing will ultimately urge you to reconsider your career. If you are already excited about the written word, you might even consider becoming a writer. Writing every day will have you questioning whether your day job is really the right career for you and might even encourage you to write a book. Who knows?

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I bet you didn’t know that writing every day could help you develop yourself in so many ways. Can you think of any other reasons someone should write every day? Let me know in the comments section below…