9 Signs You're Way Too Good for Your Job

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Do you remember when you were desperately looking for a job? At some point, any job seemed to be THE job. All you cared about was a means of putting food on your table. Now that you have a job, all you feel is, uuurgh! It now seems like what a four year old feels when he has to gobble down a mixture of beetroot, carrot and broccoli juice in the name of eating and living healthy.

But why do you feel like this? There is nothing exciting about your job just like you are sure there is nothing yummy in beetroot juice. You are tempted to quit your job but you do not know why. Well, for starters, you could be too good for your job.

1. You spend most of your time staring at your desk

bored at workThe Office

All you keep wondering is why you are on an 8am to 5pm contract yet you get your work done in less than four hours, leaving you staring at your desk the rest of the time. How many cracks does your desk have? Do you know the scientific name of the tree your desk is made of? If you can answer these questions perfectly, then you are obviously wasting your time in that office.

2. You are always free for a tea run

Who wants tea? Do you want black or white? Sugar or stevia? Cream or no cream? Can I cool it for you? Do you want it warmer? Can I at least feed you while you work? Well, I will just wait here for you to finish up your tea because I want to do your dishes today!

When you are this philanthropic with your time, it means you are jobless, bored or just don’t feel challenged by your job.

3. You can comfortably work with earphones on

Can you attentively go on with your work while this loudly plays through your earphones? ‘Hold that cup like alcohol, hold that cup like alcohol, Hold that cup like alcohol, Don’t you drop that alcohol, Never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol, I know you thinkin’ bout alcohol, I know I’m thinkin’ bout that alcohol.’ Beyoncé’s 7/11 always makes you want to put your hands in the air like you don’t care. Even Serena Williams could not resist the temptation.

Astonishingly, you can immaculately do your job amidst the dance and lip-sync, and still produce impeccable work, even better than your super attentive colleagues. You are not a genius, just in the wrong job.

4. You are not stressed like the rest

Rita ORaurbanmuses

OMG! Did Molly forget to comb her hair again? Wait, why is Peter grinning and gnashing? At this rate I think he will have powder in his mouth instead of teeth. LOL! Nancy mismatched her shoes today. Okay, maybe Blinky the clown is visiting and I didn’t get the memo.

You can’t help but wonder why your colleagues are finding the job so hard. You notice that they are obviously more stressed and overwhelmed than you are. Ideally, if you are all in the same level then you should all be feeling the same pressure.

5. You are always the first out the door

So you are thinking to yourself while playing paper toss, ‘Tick-tock! 5:00 O’clock seems to be on snail speed today! I think I should call her and know where she is.’

(Phone Rings) Hey 5:00 O’clock, where are you? I have been waiting for you for the past 5 hours and all you keep saying is you are around the corner. Are you for real? Oh! I see. You are playing hide and seek with me, right? Okay, take your sweet time but know that as soon as you arrive I am gonna dash out like a bat out of hell! You sneaky b***h! (Phone Hangs)

6. The rule book sucks

Imagine a situation where you have to call your supervisor who calls his supervisor and all others up the chain just to give you the go ahead to open the main gate for one client? Why are your business premises gates closed anyway? Are you expecting the F.B.I to strike?

What if you had to look right, left then right again before crossing the road when traffic is obviously clear? It’s a waste of time don’t you think? This is exactly how your office rules sound- stupid and unnecessarily bureaucratic. You are almost sure that your boss will need to be alerted before you poop.

If your boss doesn’t think you are responsible enough and instead prefers cheap and time-wasting bureaucracy, run faster than Usain Bolt. Your intellectual capacity is insulted.

If your boss doesn’t think you are responsible enough and instead prefers cheap and time-wasting bureaucracy, run faster than Usain Bolt. Your intellectual capacity is insulted.

7. You are the only one who sees mistakes


Do you remember how Hank Schrader struggled to convince his colleagues that Heisenberg was still out there? Only he could see the loopholes in the flawlessly woven drug net. Now, when you compare yourself with Hank, you are no different. The rest just don’t see it and all you think of doing is shout how stupid they are. But wait, you can’t!

Every time you feel like your colleagues and your boss are still in their professional diapers while you graduated to using the potty, it only means one thing- you are extremely good and in the wrong place.

8. No one around you seems like a mentor or guide

Your Head of Department should be your ideal mentor and guide but you are sure as hell he or she is as blind as a bat and as clueless as your grandmother when asked to operate a phablet. You are left wondering how he became HOD in the first place and conclude that your boss probably played inky pinky ponky.

You eventually learn that your boss is actually a plodder and only inherited the company, and then you fill in the gaps. In the ladder of life, only people up the ladder will pull you up. When you see no one up your office ladder, maybe you backed up the wrong wall.

9. You keep yawning and backbite your colleagues solo

jessie jtwicsy

If the number of times you yawn in the office had an effect, then your colleagues would suffocate to death. Your office yawn is so big it could swallow your boss’s new Range Rover Sport and the office building all together.

You spend most of your time watching your cube mate Peter and wondering why he keeps his beard bushy. Is he a Rick Ross wannabe? How does he even kiss his girlfriend? Eeeew. That is when you notice his potbelly has grown by four inches and you mischievously laugh to yourself, sure that he now has difficulty peeing straight.

On a serious note, your job should be fulfilling and sometimes challenging. That is the only way you grow. Life is not always a comedy and nothing good comes easy. If it is too easy, then it is time for you to leave and find a better and more fulfilling job. Otherwise, just tell your friends you are paid to play peek-a-boo from 8:00am to 5:00pm.