A Guide to Creating a Boardroom Befitting Your Business

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If your organisation is office based, it’s likely that you’ll have an area dedicated to meetings, conferences and other group activities. It’s important to be aware of the fact that this space can reveal a lot about your firm to both your employees and clients. So, to ensure this room is up to scratch, have a look at this handy guide. It should help you to create a boardroom befitting your business.

1. Furniture

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Furniture can help to portray your company in a particular way. While it’s vital to consider practical issues like the size of your boardroom table and the number of chairs you will need, you should also focus on style. For example, if your business’ image is traditional, you may want to go for a wooden table with a conventional shape. Or, if you want something more modern, why not try a contemporary modular design?

As for chairs, if you’re looking to present your brand as fun and dynamic, you might want to consider colourful designs in unusual shapes. Alternatively, to come across as sleek and sophisticated, you could go for black leather seating solutions. If you’re stuck for ideas, you could seek inspiration online by looking at the websites of specialist companies such as Furniture At Work™ and by browsing office design blogs and magazines.

2. Lighting

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It’s likely your boardroom will be used for a number of activities, including client meetings and interviews. To ensure this space leaves a lasting impression on visitors from outside the business, it’s important that you get the lighting just right. Your guests might be left feeling less than impressed if the area is dark and shadowy. So, if you can, try and optimise your natural lighting. Alternatively, make sure the room is illuminated using bright, high-quality lighting. This will help to keep people alert and engaged during even the longest of meetings.

3. Technology

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There is a whole host of innovative and useful technology essentials that you could incorporate into your boardroom setup. For example, if you communicate with external clients on a regular basis, perhaps you’d benefit from installing some high-quality audio equipment or a video conferencing system into the room. Moreover, you could have an interactive whiteboard fitted for when you need to hold an internal meeting or conduct a training session. If you want your employees and clients to take you seriously as a company, you might want to think about upping your tech game when it comes to your boardroom.

By simply ensuring your boardroom is appropriately furnished, well-lit and kitted out with suitable technology, you should be able to create the perfect meeting space.

Do you have any suggestions on how to create the perfect boardroom? Your thoughts and comments below please...