A Job Interview Over Coffee

So you’ve been invited for a job interview; success! You’re one step closer to landing your dream job and climbing higher up the career ladder.

But how did you respond when the interviewer asked you to meet him at Starbucks for the interview? A little taken aback? Somewhat confused? Don’t be. There are countless ways to deal with a coffee interview, so view these tips below on how to be fully prepared before your coffee interview!

Preparing for a coffee interviews

Don’t be fooled

If you have been invited for a coffee shop interview, there is always a reason behind it. Employers are trying to test your skills under unusual interview settings, so don’t let a seemingly casual location shroud the true intention of the meeting.

Be prepared

A job interview is a job interview, wherever you may meet. Therefore coffee shop interviews are exactly the same thing as office-based interviews, so be fully prepared. You need to arrive armed with professional answers, appropriate questions and any additional documentation the employer may require at the interview.

Dress the part

Dress as if you are attending a conference meeting at the company. Dressing smart will give you added confidence while also helping you to remember the true purpose of the meeting.

Arrive early

If you are going to treat this like a standard job interview, then one of the most important steps is to arrive promptly.

If you arrive before the interviewer, find a seat somewhere and wait for them to arrive. Follow his lead on ordering coffee. If it’s suggested, then go ahead and order, but if not, leave it. You’re there to get the job, not to enjoy your favourite Starbucks creation.

Follow up appropriately


After the interview, thank the recruiter for their time and explain that you look forward to hearing from them. Send a follow up thank you email within the day, so as to ensure that the recruiter’s memory remains fresh about who you are and how the interview went.




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