How to Answer 'How Do You Think I Rate as an Interviewer?'

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During a job interview, you may be asked to respond to the question, how do you think I rate as an interviewer. This question can catch you off guard and cause you to wonder how to respond. You should be prepared to answer this specific question. Even if it’s not asked, it pays to be prepared for anything during the interview. This article will address what you need to consider when crafting your response.

Why this question is asked

Hiring managers are tasked with the job of ascertaining a candidate’s viability for a specific employment position. In some instances, the hiring manager may want to shake things up in the interview. This can be done by asking a question that makes the interviewee struggle to find an answer. You may think this is an unfair way to handle an interview. However, these managers want to find individuals who can think well under pressure and remain calm. You need to carefully consider the best answer that will showcase your viability as a candidate.

How to answer this question

There are some factors to consider when crafting your answer to this question. It is important to realize that this is a loaded question, so you need to respond carefully. Think about the following before responding.

  • Stay Positive – The first step is to stay positive no matter how the interview actually progressed. Responding in a negative manner will not get you the job.
  • Find Balance – However, you don’t have to be disingenuous and pretend that everything is all rosy and perfect. You need to respond in a balanced manner.
  • Rate with Words – You have a better chance of impressing the hiring manager if you rate with words rather than numbers. For example, rating with a perfect 10 makes you appear too easy to please. When you rate with a low number, you will appear to be overly-critical. Instead, you can respond with words that demonstrate your positive feelings about the interview, rather than focusing on negative issues.

Never respond with flattery which is possibly what most people (who have not prepared beforehand) will say. Stand out from the crowd of candidates and make an informed response.

Sample responses to cite

As suggested, rather than citing an actual number rating, rate the interviewer with words. Review this person’s interview style, not him or her as an individual. Speak to the actual facts of the interview. You need be genuine in the assessment that you give, and you can do that by basing your rating on reality.

For example, if the hiring manager was meticulous in his or her approach, you can say you were methodical in your approach and I am sure that will ensure the best candidate will be chosen for the job. You can say that your interview style was comprehensive and objective.

Additionally, you should focus on reviewing the interviewer’s behavior rather than him or her as a person. For example, refrain from saying you were flawless. Instead, say your interviewing style was executed well, and you were able to put me at ease. Another example of something you can say is you asked questions with a purpose, and I am confident that the right person for the job will be hired.

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Remember to always be prepared when going into a job interview. It is important to stay positive and find a balance in your response. Also, make a point to respond with positive words rather than a number rating.