How to Answer the Top 10 IT Interview Questions

How to Answer the Top 10 IT Interview Questions

Are you still in the search for your most coveted IT job? Don’t despair, jobs are out there! Once you are summoned for an interview, it is crucial that you make a good impression. Most questions asked in this field are specific. However, you will also be asked a few HR questions. Before you step in to meet your interviewer, here is the list of the top 10 questions that should be prepared for.

#1 What interests you about his job?

IT interviewers prefer recruiting ambitious workers who are self-motivated. Do not cite money as your motivator. Instead, talk about your wish to work for a company that fosters innovation, encourages creativity and challenges their employees.

#2 What are your weaknesses?

The best way to tackle this question is to disguise your strengths. For example, “I hate not being challenged”. Explain why you consider this as a weakness and the steps you are taking towards solving this problem.

#3 When did you feel most gratified in your job?

This question is aimed at revealing what motivates you most. Relate with any project that excited you most. This will give your interviewer a hint of your preferences.

#4 What is your take on working under pressure?

The interviewer wants to know whether you have self-control, problem solving abilities and can focus on your duties in difficult moments. Provide an example of your most difficult moments and how you coped with the situation to get the job done.

#5 What are your technical certifications?

Have a good record of your technical certifications. The ability to explain your skills without referring to your resume will portray you as focused and set to work. Do not exaggerate on your certifications. Instead, be proud to reveal your professional development accomplishments however few.

#6 How do you maintain your technical certifications?

Ensure that you obtain certification for involvement in continuing professional educational programs such as ISACA. This will convince your interviewer that you are interested in professional growth and are taking the necessary steps towards achieving this.

#7 What programming languages do you use?

There are many programming languages. However, IT employers search for candidates who are conversant with the top five languages. They include:

  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript

Being a master in these languages will set you apart from the other applicants because not only are you a rare candidate but also a promising one.

#8 How do you handle numerous deadlines?

Sometimes IT experts are required to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines. However, the skilled ones have numerous tactics to handle these tasks successfully. Explain your techniques to your interviewer to exhibit your capability. For instance, you can attribute your capability to your continual professional development or past experience in a similar field where you had to deal with numerous time bound projects.

#9 What was your most challenging IT issue and how did you tackle it?

Your past in handling challenging issues will be a plus to your interview. Ensure that you show how satisfied you felt having accomplished the tasks. This will portray you as an ambitious candidate who is willing to take up challenging roles.

#10 Do you fancy managing people or ideas?

This question tests your inclination. If you choose ideas over people, you will seem like an anti-social person who might find it difficult working with other employees. If you choose people over ideas, you will also emerge the wrong person for an IT role. The best way to answer this question is to let our interviewer know that you value all factors that will lead to the growth of the company.

With these tips, you will secure a job in the IT firm of your dream.

To your success!

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