Are You a Used Car Salesman? The Art of Contemporary Sales

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Sales are a delicate balance of interpersonal and rhetoric skills. You have to be pleasant, personable and at the same time have the killer instincts of a professional heavy weight boxer. Lulling someone into a feeling of security and then taking them for every dime their worth. The older pressure based model of sales doesn’t really work anymore, so ditch the $30 dollar suit and get with the times. This is the art of contemporary sales.

You are not selling products

OK Mr. Matter-of-Fact you are indeed selling a product, but so are many other companies. The way to make the customer comfortable with putting down their hard earned cash is to sell them a service. How does purchasing from your company become a better, more helpful experience? You need to offer them a future of seamless transactions with your company, not just a one off purchase.

The Sales Pitch is dead

They’ve heard it all before and I doubt they want to hear it again. Sure it makes sense to hit key summary points about your product, but you’ll be wasting your time if the customer isn’t ready to listen. Try engaging on an interpersonal level instead of going straight to the throat for the sale.

Something’s still hold true

Knowing your product and getting your foot in the door are tried and true tools of the salesman. The way to go about them has been fundamentally redefined but we’ll get to that soon enough. One of the most challenging parts of being a sales person is engaging the customer effectively. Be more of a recipient than a transmitter; see what your customers’ needs and wants are first. Then maybe you can find a need to be fulfilled by the product you offer. 

Help me, help you, help me

If your client feels that you truly have their interests in mind and not those of a faceless corporation it will help you seal the deal. The market has been blown wide open and the commodity of products has been depreciated. It is ineffectual in today’s market to act as if your product is the best; consumers are well educated and can educate themselves further and at a moment’s notice via the internet.


Sales have evolved from a quantity based endeavor to a quality based one. Cold-calling, e-mail campaigns and forums still work but can be ineffective if used incorrectly. Filter-out the warm leads and concentrate on those instead of leads that will not pan-out anyway.

Is your product bought or sold?

Ultimately, this is a question of need. Does your clientele need your product or do you need to show the customer that your product or service will improve their lifestyle or quality of life. To add context to the previous statement I made, a "bought" product would be bottled water, gum or candy bars. The salesperson sets up their display and waits until a customer comes. A "sold" product would be something like a car, insurance or advertising on a billboard under normal circumstance if the customer isn’t approached the sale won’t take place.

Customers become salespeople

No I did not have a temporary mental breakdown, in the age of feedback, forums and customer satisfaction ratings,your clientele can spread the word in lieu of your presence. Companies such as Amazon have actually partially based their customer experience on their customer review section that inadvertently promotes both the website’s products but also their services.

Would you like to evolve your sales style? Or have you already implemented a new sales style and it has worked effectively for you? Let us know in the comment section below.




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