How to Battle Burnout in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry — one of the industries that has embraced diversity at every level, faces a serious problem; employee burnout. Whether you work at a night club, restaurant, ocean liner or luxury resort, the chances of experiencing a burnout are quite high. Most people think that hoteliers are built for the job, so they tend to give them a hard time. This, coupled with unfavourable working conditions, is reason enough for workers in this industry to hit the ‘enough is enough’ button.

The pertinent issue to address, therefore, is how you can avoid burnout.

Do Not Overdo It

According to the British Hospitality Association, the UK’s hospitality industry alone has an annual turnover of £40 billion. Well, this is a vast figure. The only problem is that it tells half the story. It masks the plight of employees. Most jobs in the hospitality industry do not pay handsomely, especially in middle class and lower class setups. Most employees in these settings end up working overtime to supplement their income. These professionals are more likely to suffer from burnout than those in upper class settings. To prevent this, maintain an overtime schedule. Although money is important, focus on gaining vast experience, which you can use to secure lucrative jobs.

Develop Coping Mechanisms

For every job, there will be tasks and challenges that will push you to the limit. If you are a hotel manager, for example, and the business is performing badly regardless of the effort you put into creating innovative marketing strategies, burnout could be creeping your way. Things could get worse if the owners or shareholders are breathing fire. Do you just leave yourself vulnerable to burnout? No. You develop a coping mechanism. If you are the type of person who throws punches into the air when things go wrong, install a punching bag in your office and make use of it when profits are not piling up! The point is, regardless of your career, you should find coping mechanisms that can work for you when things are not going well.

Create a Better Home-Work Balance

One of the main causes of burnout is a poor home-work balance. The problem is even more severe for hospitality professionals who work in cruise and air liners. On the face of it, it looks a dream job to work in an ocean liner or as a hair hostess. Two months into the job and you haven’t seen your family makes matters complicated. As much as possible, you should try to attain a better home-work life balance. Although you might be working on a tight schedule, be sure to dedicate some time to your family.

Activate ‘Power Nap’ Mode

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, ‘power naps’ can prevent burnout. A nap improves your ability to process information and importantly, keeps your brain focused. As such, have an afternoon snooze whenever you can. You will wake up feeling rejuvenated, energized and ready to face the challenges that might be ahead of you.

With these tips, you are well-placed to battle burnout. Remember, there are several strategies you can employ to prevent burnout; some will work and others might fail. The trick is in finding the ones that work for you. Good luck!


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