How to Be a Successful Mumtrepreneur

You’ve dragged the kids out of bed, fed them their fruits and cereal and packed them off to school, the household chores are done and you’ve been to the supermarket to replenish the stocks of bread, milk and bog roll - and it’s only lunchtime.

If this sounds familiar to you, or you think this may apply to you in the not so distant future, you could use those few spare hours in the day to become a real life Mumtrepreneur, and a successful one at that.

But what is a Mumtrepreneur?

There is no official dictionary definition, but essentially, a Mumtrepreneur is someone who juggles the responsibilities of being full time mother with a rewarding and lucrative business venture.

If this sounds like something that appeals to you, then keep on reading - here are a few things that might just help…

Play to Your Passions and Strengths

First of all, it can’t be easy running a home and looking after children as it is, let alone there’s a business thrown into the mix…

According to Marojein Brugman, Founder of Lighter Living, choosing something you’re passionate about (and have a certain flair for) is an essential element for Mumtrepreneurial success - if you don’t pursue something you love, you’ll never be able to stick it out amongst all those other chores and responsibilities.

Assess Your Weekly Schedule

Like any business person, you have to structure your week and remain organised in order to grow your venture and get things done.

Spend seven days assessing your week and identify those times of day or spare minutes here or there where you have a little bit time, then allocate certain tasks to those moments. For instance, if you are waiting for the washing to dry, use the time to jump on your phone to social network, or after you’ve dropped the kids at school, send those all-important pitches and emails.

Link Up with Others

In this golden age of technology, connecting with people certainly isn’t difficult, and not only does a support network help with advice and moral support, it can also help you pick up some pretty lucrative contacts - this is always good.

Get on the web, search for online mum groups and forums related to your situation and business venture, then get talking. When you need a handy contact or piece of business advice from someone who’s been in your shoes, someone will be there to help - and when you’re a guru in your field, you can pay the favour forward.


Usually, in the world of business, I’d say delegate customer service or admin responsibilities etc. but in this case, I’m talking about things around the house.

If you have a partner who goes out to work, make them understand that you are now a domestic goddess and business superstar and you can no longer do everything at home all of the time.

If you are on your own, call in favours from family members when you need to really focus on a deadline or goal.

In either case, outline a clear schedule (and give advance notice) of responsibility and where possible, stick it rigidly to allow yourself the time you need to grow your business/reputation. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help, so don’t hesitate.

Don’t Forget ... You’re a Mum Too

This statement might be glaringly obvious, but in the grand scheme of things, it probably carries the most weight…

Remember, no matter what, you are still a mum and it’s vital to still make that all-important quality time with your children. After all, without even knowing it, they’re the ones who offer the biggest inspiration when you need it most.

Becoming a Momtrepreneur is a demanding business with very little shortcuts to success, but by getting your fundamentals in order, having the passion and following these rules, you can sure go a long way.

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