Best Calendar Apps for Busy Professionals

Many professionals use a digital calendar to track their routines. Everyone has their own workflow, which opens the door of thousands of calendar apps that fit a myriad of requirements. Traditional calendars have now been replaced with the calendar apps.

Here are the best calendar apps for busy professionals:

1. Fantastical 2 for iPhone

Fantastical 2 for iPhone has been developed by Flexibits Inc. and has been overhauled for iPhone users. With this app, you can set the time of your weekly appointments. The calendar view has been replaced with the Day Picker option, which makes this app a fantastic option. You can create and integrate reminders as per your events. It is impossible to talk about all the specifications of this app in one blurb, so check it out yourself.

2. CalPad for iPad

CalPad for iPad is an app by Hoang Le. It is packed with specifications like Google map integration, task synchronization, and picture attachment option. Only the iPad users can enjoy this app. The free version comes with limited features, so you can avail the paid version that offers better work capacities.

3. Sunrise

This user-friendly app is compatible with Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. The calendar connects your addresses with Google Maps. You can jot down things every day using its “Quick Add” option.

Download from: Sunrise 

4. Tempo

Tempo greatly helps you organize your meetings, and reminds you about everything you’d scheduled for the day. With this app, you can also connect to business fellows with one click. In addition, you can get information about global markets where your product can be better marketed. Tempo’s other features are ability to send and receive quick messages, and smart alerts. This calendar app certainly gears towards professionals.

Download from: Tempo 

5. Calvetica Calendar

Calvetica Calendar is another excellent app, developed by Mysterious Trousers, LLC. With its unique looking interface, you can schedule your meetings and receive day-to-day alerts. It uses gestures for changing views, and includes custom notification sounds. You have the freedom to create events within a beautiful window. It will take you only a few minutes to set a work schedule using Calvetica.

6. Pocket Informant

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Pocket Informant lets you use voice dictation for adding tasks manually. You can also organize, edit and save your files. The users also receive alerts for monthly meetings. Many of its features are accessible by premium users only, such as templates and application integration.

Download from: Pocket Informant

7. Canary

Instead of clicking around the working days, Canary identifies your routines and lets you know about which parts of the day you’ll be available for a new meeting or business deal. You just need to create weekly events every Sunday, and manipulate them in your calendar. Canary allows you visualize every event as per its time of occurrence.

Download from: Canary 

It’s worth mentioning UNIQLO Calendar because it has so many unique features. The app costs nothing, and is able to play tilt-shift videos when you’re busy in navigation. Having these apps is a way to achieve success and manage your work routine.