How to Convince your Boss you Deserve a Christmas Bonus

After working hard during the year, you may feel that you deserve some recognition from your boss for your input. Asking to be given a Christmas bonus can be intimidating and even daunting; however, the following are ways in which you are sure to convince your employer that you deserve a Christmas Bonus.

Work Consistently

Remember that you represent the organization you work for. Portray a positive image of your company because this way, your boss will also shine. Ensure that you work above satisfactory levels and complete tasks in good time in order to gain your employer’s recognition. If you approach work in this manner, you can confidently and reasonably approach them for a Christmas bonus.

Do it at the Right Time

Respect for time is the first step to gaining your boss’s consideration. Don’t wait until the office is flooded with end-year work to approach your boss about your Christmas bonus. Start by interacting with your boss casually both in and out of the office when they are less constrained and under less pressure, therefore, more willing to open up to you. Once you have established a good rapport, set up a formal meeting that should give you dedicated time to put forward your request and back it with reasons.

Illustrate Your Accomplishments and Achievements

Have you been initiating positive changes? Have you brought new clients and raked extra sales? If so, then demonstrate your performance and contribution to your organization. Assert that you are an asset. As you go to speak to your boss about your bonus, prepare a document to illustrate what contributions you have made and how they have been instrumental in effecting significant improvements at your workplace. Do not stop there. Go on to explain what you hope to achieve over the next work period and how it will benefit the organization.

Good old-fashioned flattery

Make your boss feel good. Praise his or her managerial capacity and acknowledge his or her merits. The end of the year is a tough time to be working, and you can make them feel better this way. Show support for your boss’s input during meetings and by doing your work well in general.

Be Direct and Confident

Your boss will know if you’re simply wheedling him or her into doing something for you. It is important to maintain formality by being calm, c1andid and confident when making your request. You could practice how you will approach them, as this will better prepare you to say exactly what you need to. Your boss will respect your sincerity and this quality could be what gets you that bonus!

Even though Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving, remember to be professional when requesting for a bonus. This, above all, will be appreciated by your boss, as it shows dedication to the standard of work required. It will also highlight that you have the qualities of a deserving employee and you could be well on your way to getting that little extra spending money for Christmas!


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