Corruption in the workplace

Corruption in the workplace

   What is corruption? It is simply a dishonesty and illegal way of people either in positions of authority, power or otherwise who engage in fraudulent activities to gain undue advantage over the others. It also includes giving or accepting bribes or inappropriate gifts.

   Corruption in the workplaces is a vice that has become a cancer in the delivery of services within the organizations. It has heavily impacted on the performance and affected the profits.

   Let us look at how corruption as a cancer has eaten into the welfare of the organizations. It comes in different levels as the players in this vice hold different positions within the organization.

  1.  Manager to Manager corruption

   In this kind of corruption, the players here are the big bosses in the organization. Corruption here entails embezzlement of massive and huge amounts of company money and resources at the top level management. They collude among themselves, to literally steal huge sums of money mostly by forging signatures and stamps of the organization. They end up siphoning out company resources without caring at all the fate of the organization and the other employees within the organization. They do not care whether the organization will collapse or not. This is a serious act managers do which eventually brings down the organization to its knees.

  1.  Manager to supplier corruption

   This is another conduit where corruption thrives in the workplace. Again, this entails managers who collude with suppliers to corrupt the supply records and eventually give inaccurate information concerning the goods supplied. This kind of corruption benefits both the supplier and the corrupt manager but the company suffers a lot.

  1.  Manager (middle level) to junior staff corruption

   A corrupt manager can also extend his habits to a junior staff in one way or another. This can be done by enticing the junior staff of a promotion, money or gift to do something illegal for him like to carry a stolen item from the office to a given destination. This type of corruption is very rampant among the middle level managers and specific junior staff who understand the corruption being perpetuated by their seniors. This kind of mutual collusion among the level managers and junior staff is the worst. This is because access to goods and services of the company is mainly handled by this clique. This level is where maximum corruption of any kind thrives.

  1.  Junior staff to junior staff corruption

   Corruption in this level is also very harmful to the organization as it entails dealing with the small quantities of goods of the company by corrupt juniors. Examples of activities the juniors can engage in include stealing and selling small accessories (lighting equipment, stationery, laptops etc) and corrupting their way out of any liabilities. In this, though it is done by junior staff, eventually when auditing of the company resources is done at the end of the financial year, it will be found out that there is massive loss of money and resources and irregular records.

  1.  Junior staff to subordinate staff

    The cancer of corruption in an organization trickles down to the subordinate staff like watchmen, drivers and cleaners. The corruption being perpetuated especially by the junior staff thrives well when watchmen are also sucked in to it. This is because they facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the workplace since they are the custodians of the entry and exit points of the organization premises.

   In order to monitor these incidents, is prudent for the organizations to streamline all operations relating to procurement by installing a digitized system with maximum security features.

   Employees should not be allowed to work in one place for a long period of time as this encourages one to get used to the place and eventually start perpetuating illegal habits as corruption.

   Outsourcing of services like security, cleaning can be done as this will help in checking on bad practices as responsibility is shifted to a different entity.

   TO counter this, monthly auditing should be put in place instead of waiting until the end of the year to know the financial performance of the company.

   Tough disciplinary measures should also be put in place such that anyone found to have embezzled any property or finances of the company should be brought to book legally.

   In conclusion, corruption is a monster which if not dealt with, will bring many organizations down. Employees should embrace good work ethics and perform their work with zeal and hard work. With this, profits will be grounded and counted, and with no doubt I believe proper remuneration can be instigated by the organization.


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