How to Create a Happy Workplace

Fed up of facing your employees’ sad faces every day? Need to figure out a way of boosting the office morale? It's doubtful that you are on your own. With so much doom and gloom surrounding the employment market and career progression prospects, it is understandable why so many employees are feeling a bit low.

To get your staff back on track, check out these effective tips on how to create a happy workplace!

Top 20 ways to make your workplace a happy one:

#1 Create a favorable office environment

#2 Give small bonuses

#3 Provide autonomy for your staff

#4 Offer the ability to work from home

#5 Offer unique benefit packages

#6 Give regular breaks

#7 Offer a good training program

#8 Offer flexible working conditions

#9 Provide room for career growth and promotion

#10 Give respect to each employee

#11 Give regular feedback

#12 Ask how your staff are and take an interest in their lives

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#13 Offer concert tickets or vouchers as incentives

#14 Tailor rewards and management styles according to the employee

#15 Allow workers to listen to music/use iPods at work

#16 Set up a proper canteen/socializing room for staff to have their lunch and take breaks

#17 Have regular company parties, dinners and events

#18 Establish proper performance appraisals to ensure each employee is recognized for their hard work

#19 Set up a loyalty program (the longer you are employed with the company the more benefits you get)

#20 Offer longer vacation periods

While there is no guarantee that implementing the above tips will work immediately, it will certainly help lift the morale of your workforce and will also show to your employees that you are a concerned and personable manager who wants the best for them. If that doesn't help boost staff retention rates and increase loyalty, I don't know what will!